God Of War 4 art leaks (Norse setting, Kratos w/ beard) [Up2: Polygon says real]

Which part of God of War 4 are you most excited about?

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Update 2:

Polygon sources say it's real.

Polygon said:
We've contacted Sony for comment on the apparent leak and will update with any response. However, sources have indicated to Polygon that the artwork is legitimate.
Source: http://www.polygon.com/2016/4/5/11366326/god-of-war-4-concept-art-kratos-norse-mythology


Images restored!

I think I missed some (or maybe a lot) but this is what I have:
Additional images: https://imgur.com/a/Bm7Aa

Also it's explicitly stated to be Kratos:


Kratos is back

- There is Kratos, with beard;
- The setting is the Norse Mythology;
- Kratos will visit Alfheim, “Land Of The Fairies”, one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Light Elves (concepts show the Wall and the Temple Door);
- Kratos will be in one or more prison;
- Kratos has an Axe, with wich he can cut vines and create bridges/walkways;
- The surrounding environment could interact with the character (if Kratos brushes-up against the vines, they expell visible spores).
We remind you we also expect a cinematic trailer with “Gorgon & Hydra”, according to our previous leak.
Much more at the
source (NerdLeaks)


I'm kind of iffy on whether or not I even want Kratos back. But Kratos with a beard and magically putting him in a new setting? Yeah, that's dumb.

I love the whole viking theme for a game like this but it shouldn't be with Kratos.
Ugly looking beard. If it's real, glad to see Kratos is back. Just change that awful beard design back to the original or get rid of it.
Said in other thread but the Kratos model reminds me of like a bootleg mod for a Souls game create a character, especially with the pose and weapon.
I'm on board. God of War is still a fantastic franchise. Hope they can do some stuff to freshen it up a bit, but otherwise I'm more than happy to play another one.