God of War: Ascension New Single-Player Screenshots


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
How the hell is this possible on current gen hardware, HOW?

This blows GOW3 totally out of the water. Look at Kratos skin and how crisp everything looks ....unfuckingbelievable.
Does Kratos' proportions look off in some shots to anyone else?
They are intentionally overdone

Looks pretty nice for a console game, very smooth and the lighting is good. I don't like the overdone dof effect myself and the motion blur is a turnoff for me. Looks great in images, but I want to see shit in my videogames. Aways turn it off in Tekken and all other games if possible.


Nine out of ten orphans can't tell the difference.
Yeah, it’s God of War II all over again.
Yeah my thoughts exactly, just as GoWII rung out last gen as one of the best looking games of its platform I wholeheartedly think think GoW:A does the same ( for what it's worth I think GoWIII is as of yet the best looking console game of this generation ).
Okay looking at the digital foundry screens the IQ is much better than I thought in real captures. I still dont think these aren't touched up but the difference isn't worth arguing over.

seriously, the demo ends just as it heat things up, you're not being spoiled the equivalent of Poseidon boss battle here, just the things leading up to it. before this footage, so many of us are complaining that not enough SP content shown, and SM focus too much for MP, some GoW fans even admit saying they don't feel hyped for Ascension.

well, this is it, a glimpse of single player mode and it's great. I love the storytelling they use at the beginning
Overdone in general or overdone in this game? Cause his limbs look longer than normal here. I've felt that way since the E3 demo, actually. In his neutral combat stance he looks like regular Kratos though.

My mind's playing tricks on me.
They might stretch in some animations to deliver more impact and I like that approach very much.
something I never notice from previous GoW games, we seems to get more ass shots and crotch shots of Kratos in this game. is it just me? does it always visible in previous games but I just never notice?
Looks amazing! I thought I was done with GOW after III, but Santa Monica managed to grab my attention again and I plan on getting this day one, so props for that.