Goldeneye Wii Discussion

Jun 25, 2005
I AM JOHN! said:
That wasn't what I was saying. I, too, loved Goldeneye at the time, but the notion that only weirdos get together with a bunch of PCs and do LAN is just fucking ridiculous.
Not just weirdos no, but there were people going around for LAN parties was a smaller special crowd in relation to kids playing GoldenEye on their N64s.

Besides, I'm not sure what the point of this project is, since what gameplay was there looked like another COD clone (but with a close-quarters deathmatch mode added in), and not like the original.
Jul 1, 2009
Greensboro, NC
hokahey said:
LMAO at the fanboy butt-hurt because Wii exclusive. This is a remake of a previous Nintendo exclusive. Makes a lot of sense to me.
That's fine and all, but Goldeneye also is one of those games that current ps3 and 360 owners may have played back in the day. The appeal for the failed Rare era port on XBLA was $10 nostalgia for people who were into it back on the n64.

Releasing it on the wii as a full priced remake seems kind of stupid really, but whatever.
Jun 11, 2007
I AM JOHN! said:
You're talking like Goldeneye did something absolutely incredible that has never been replicated by most other games. It was Quake multiplayer that was great because it was better than any other console game could handle at the time. Aside from that, there is absolutely nothing remarkable about Goldeneye's gameplay unlike Doom and Quake which still kind of hold up. In fact, there's been numerous games since then that have done the exact same thing as what Goldeneye did (Timesplitters, the Conduit, Red Steel) with mixed results. What makes you so convinced this will be any different aside from the fact that it's raping Goldeneye's corpse and will probably take its levels?
Well, one thing GE had that a lot of modern shooters don't is that it's objective based. One of the designers said he was told to construct the environments as if her were designing real world architecture and to let other members of the team figure out where to place enemies. That gives GE a lot of replay value because you can approach a level in multiple ways. It also adds a sense of realism and fun, IMO. Modern shooters, on the other hand, force you onto a really narrow path where specific "exciting" moments happen when you reach certain markers. I always get the feeling when I play these games that the developer is holding my controller telling me how I should enjoy the game. To me, GE is more fun because the developers took a big step back and let the players do whatever the fuck they wanted.


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Feb 15, 2006
Amir0x said:
Let them have their imagined golden cow. Their memories are all they have. Don't shatter their illusions about how Goldeneye can hold up against any modern FPS.
Who says nostalgia can't be part of the enjoyment of a game? Just because it wouldn't hold up against a modern FPS doesn't mean that people can't have fun with it. In fact, it doesn't mean some people wouldn't have more fun with it than a modern FPS. There's no reason to discount that just because part of the reason they have more fun is that it reminds them of something they loved when they were younger. Fine, in that distant universe where Goldeneye just came out today, nobody liked it because of its dated design. But in this universe, Goldeneye came out over ten years ago; people liked it then; people (not everyone, obviously) will like it now. Part of why some will like it is because of nostalgia. So what?
Dec 5, 2008
Ok, I saw it.

Umm, that did not look like Goldeneye at all. The RARE version looked way better, not because of graphics, just the style. Mehh, I dont have a wii anyways, so what do I give a shit.


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Nov 1, 2009
I'm actually quite impressed. It's cool that they're using Craig's likeness (it sounded like him too) and it looked faithful to the original but fresh too, they just need to sort out the frame rate and some bland graphical areas. One to watch. I'll be interested to see the impressions.

I just hope that guy in the truck wasn't supposed to be 006. I hope they put Sean Bean in there.
Jun 20, 2007
The original really wasn't so much KILL and EXPLOSIONS.

It was slower pace. It the first 2 levels there is 1 part each where there was a 5 sec fire fight.

The intensity was on higher difficulty and you needed to use R to cross-hair some guys in the head.

Reload was so quick it was never about needing a quantity of bullets in a short time. It was quality.
Mar 16, 2006
jim-jam bongs said:

Ever heard of internet cafes? LAN parties? University networks? Not that I disagree with your central point, but to suggest that people weren't playing multiplayer PC games using a LAN back then is insane.
I'm not suggesting that LAN parties weren't happening, but no kids I knew were going to them. We all had consoles. That's the point I'm trying to make.
Jun 7, 2004
My heart is aflutter. Deep within I know this is probably going to stink, but I really want to believe. SO excited!

To those who say Goldeneye is now crap, I say take a hike. We STILL play that game at lunch hours and it is really great. Play on License to Kill with pistols and Facility. The game is a blast!
Jul 9, 2007
Hey, it looks like Goldeneye. I'm getting CoD, so I guess I'll go for either this or Conduit. I really wonder how the multiplayer holds up today. I just don't know.

Although I see they brought back OddJob. Ugh. Will everybody still try to pick him because he's short and the bullets go over his head?


Jun 6, 2004
Savannah, GA
JasoNsider said:
To those who say Goldeneye is now crap, I say take a hike. We STILL play that game at lunch hours and it is really great. Play on License to Kill with pistols and Facility. The game is a blast!
Hell yeah. It's going to feel so good to revisit the Facility again. That's one of my favorite multiplayer levels ever.


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Jan 29, 2008
Looks like it has the half-arsed flat lit lighting and shadows trademark that plagues every Wii games that looks like fucking shit.
Dec 5, 2008
Emerald City
HAL_Laboratory said:
I'm not suggesting that LAN parties weren't happening, but no kids I knew were going to them. We all had consoles. That's the point I'm trying to make.
And it's a fair point to be sure, I just found your initial phrasing a little bit unnecessarily absolute.

snesfreak said:
Looks good, I had so much fun owning people on the N64 version.
And :lol :lol :lol at all the people bitching cause it's only on Wii, get over it.
Eh, it's GAF. If you can't handle the fact that enthusiasts think many Wii games look quite poor, don't make Wii games for enthusiasts.
Jul 11, 2008
The only way for me to test this game to see if I likw it would be in split-screen. I'm a huge fan of online multiplayer, but here? Fuck that shit. I need to call my best friends up :D