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gingerbeardman said:
Is this more Golf or more Story?

It's a story where playing golf happens frequently throughout.

How long is the game?

About 20 hours.

What are the controls?

Press - to review the controls.
Press + to see the pause menu.

What should I do next?

Press + and look at your Notes.

Can I get a hint on something?

Sure, post in the thread and make sure to spoiler anything cool.

What about hit point mode?
Changing the hit point on the ball will change the path of the ball after it has been hit.

Changing it vertically will raise/lower the trajectory of the ball. High trajectory means less roll after landing, but wind will affect it more. Low trajectory means more roll after landing, and wind and will affect it less.

Changing it left/right will make the ball fly in a curve rather than a straight line.

What does focus mode do?

It makes the shot meter move slower, and wind is ignored. Focus power is used up with every shot, and can be refilled by getting perfect shots (with the rainbow trail).

How should I level-up?

Always level-up power once you reach a new level since you can remove points from it and redistribute them at any time. This isn't true of the other abilities.

Some people like to keep the starts other than power centralised, but depending on your play style you might want to have those stats left/right of centre according to your tastes.

I'm having trouble making the ball go where I want?

Remember that you can affect the course of the ball using both initial aim and also power. So try varying one or the other at a time, rather than both together. You'll quickly get closer to your target. Also, try a weak shot or a short club before trying powerful shows with driver/wood club.

How do I control the disc?

Be the disc. Use left and right to turn. Controls are from the perspective of the disc. This is often referred to as "tank controls".

To manage the speed press the throw button (normal strength) rather than holding it down (power throw).

My Joy-Con controllers are making strange noises!?

The game uses HD Rumble to make sound effects.

Are there issues/bugs?

Yes. Here's a list.

What if my bug isn't listed?

First it's important to verify what you're seeing is actually a bug. It could be one of the cases where the game doesn't hold your hand or doesn't present things as clearly as it could.

Example: one challenge asks you to hit the ball into an area marked with a red ring. You're doing that, but nothing is happening. Look around to see if there's another red ring.

Should I wait for a patch?

It depends how easily you're annoyed by a game having potential to misbehave.

Whether you'll see any bugs largely depends on your play/control style. Some people haven't encountered any bugs, some have had one or two, and some unlucky players have seen more than a few.

The majority of issues can be avoided after you've experienced them for the first time and know how they are triggered.

Is there a quick fix when I'm having issues?

Without restarting the game: Press + to bring up the menu, choose Quit to World, and then enter your chosen course again.

Otherwise you may want to Quit to World, then Quit and Save, and finally restart either the game or your Switch.

My character won't move?

It's possible you've encountered a bug where dialog bubbles are offscreen waiting to be dismissed.

Solution: try pressing B a bunch of times (lots) and see if the game comes back to life.

Why? Each press of B either speeds up text display or dismisses the speech bubble, so a long section of dialog may requires tens of presses of the button.

Is there a patch?

Soon, a bug fix patch is currently being worked on.

Can I change how my character looks?

Not in Story mode.

In Quick Play mode you can play as alternate characters of different gender and race. You can also customise gameplay in this mode by choosing course, game rule type, gear type, wind strength, green speed and hole size.

How do I quit GALF?
When playing a hole: Press + and then choose Quit.
Note: this doesn't work from the GALF start screen.

Have fun!
Okay since I'm not sure anyone has exactly compiled it yet, I want to give a quick breakdown of some of the control mechanics and how it ties in with the stats you can level up, since there seems to be a lot of general confusion. I'm just a player so it's possible this isn't 100% accurate...but I think it's right, given how I've been playing so far and also going off of this game's many correlations to Mario Golf among others.

Power: Simple enough, this determines how far your ball can potentially fly when you hit it. Adding more into this stat will occasionally lower some of the others, but is necessary to get your scores on the course lower, so it helps to keep an eye on regularly raising this while "managing" the others to more suit your particular play-style and keep them from falling too far into the negative.

Purity: This stat determines whether you have a natural draw or fade on your shots a.k.a. whether your shot-line has any sort of a curve to it while you're just aiming around and so forth. Going lower or higher in this stat will increase the curve to that direction, while keeping this stat centered will keep your shots straight.

Strike: Since this is being measured in accuracy, my guess is that this stat determines the potential deviation your shot suffers from when you don't hit your alignment perfectly center at the end of your shot (aka the third button press of the "three-click" golf swing) Higher ability means less penalty, and thus a larger margin for error while still getting the ball to generally go where you're aiming it.

Ability: Again slightly speculative, but I believe this stat determines the degree to which you can shape your ball flight by adjusting your hit point (this is what you do when you press X and change where the little dot is aligned on your golf ball). Low hit point means the ball will take a higher arc and thus also land at a sharper angle, high hit point means the ball will travel lower and be more prone to rolling forward after hitting the ground, while adjusting the hit-point left and right will bend your flight arc a little bit, which can be useful for hitting around obstacles or slightly changing your approach trajectory. So, higher ability score means you have more direct control over your flight-line.

Spin: This determines the severity of topspin and backspin when it's applied on the ball (this is what you do using L or R while you're setting up your shot and it puts a little highlight over the ball indicator). This takes effect once your ball lands and can cause it to roll forward further in the case of topspin, or stop short or even roll back a little bit with backspin. When you want to use each depends on the situation but strong spins especially in conjunction with adjusting your hit-point gives you a lot of options in how you want to approach a hole.

Beyond that, you get ZL and ZR, which are used to help set up chip and approach shots. It's worth mentioning that you have three different approach ranges to work with depending on which buttons you do or don't have pressed. ZL is the shortest range, both simultaneously is in the middle, and ZR is closest to your full-power hit. The exception to this is putting, where holding ZL puts you into a short-range putting power scale while ZR gives you long-range. Pressing Y puts you into "precision mode," letting you use up/down on the left stick to create a kind of shadow-indicator that doubles on your power bar to help you work out exactly where on the power meter you want to stop to get the ball where you want. Swinging all out isn't always the best option!

There's also normal vs. "focus" mode....but I haven't toyed around with that yet enough to figure out what it does. Hopefully the rest of this helps, though!
I have high hopes for this.

I do like how it doesn't seem like a retro indulgence either. It has the same kind of audiovisual feedback as Camelot's games while not slavishly trying to recall them, both in context and in gameplay.

Hope that all translates well to the game itself!
I really hope this game hits my expectations. I've been very much enjoying Everybody's Golf and Pokemon Silver lately and this could just be a perfect blend of that feeling.
I really hope this goes well for these guys. Feels like a lot of unrequested pressure is on them now to deliver after just a short, albeit promising trailer :p

That said, I can't deny I'm pretty hyped, just because if it does live up to the premise, this could be an absolute gem.
I still have no clue what this game is.
Really really hope it's good but there is no info about the gameplay/level mechanics.
And the damn game is comming out tomorrow?
This game quickly became one of my most eagerly anticipated late 2017 games after seeing the initial reveal. Trying to control my expectations, but really hoping this turns out as awesome as it looks, Nintendo seem to have faith in it.
Nice OT. And man, the guy who came up with that title deserves a lifetime subscription to NeoGAF Gold.


Is it Thursday yet?

Are you in NA? It's there now.

Omg Earthbound with golf?? I was already hyped for it and now I'm hearing Earthbound have no clue how much I love Earthbound.

Yes I'm in NA. I checked the eShop yesterday afternoon and I didn't see it at the time.
Reviewers have copies now, footage and coverage should be hitting soon.

I've heard it described as "Earthbound with golf."
That'd be wonderful. Hope it turns out great and they make a (Table) Tennis and Boxing Story (Punch Out meets Earthbound) along the line.

But I don't have time to play all these games. Just bought Steamworld, Dragonball and Thumper. Want to pick up Fifa and Stardew too. Then there is SMO, Xeno, Zelda DLC, Doom etc. Switch's first year is bonkers.
That'd be wonderful. Hope it turns out great and they make a (Table) Tennis and Boxing Story (Punch Out meets Earthbound) along the line.

But I don't have time to play all these games. Just bought Steamworld, Dragonball and Thumper. Want to pick up Fifa and Stardew too. Then there is SMO, Xeno, Zelda DLC, Doom etc. Switch's first year is bonkers.

I am really, really hyped for the game. But the silence worries me.
At least we will know tomorrow if the game is good.
Oh man, it's happening isn't it?

I don't have any nostalgia from the GBC Sports-RPG games but something about this game has my attention. I do like me some golf. At $15 too, that's one of those impulse buy prices for high quality indie games like this.

I'm not done with Mario + Rabbids yet and I just got Xenoverse 2 last week, but I want to grab this
and inevitably add it to my Switch backlog.

Hope we get a decent number of reviews automagically popping up today :)
I hadn't realized you'd make it immediately :lol:

I hope the game is good, eshop updates in a bit more than 24h right? I'll have to buy Picross too I guess.

And Death Squared gets a discount at the same time. RIP wallet.
Crossing everything that this is good. Have to play through Mario + Rabbids first so that will give me a week to gauge impressions and reviews.
Why hasn't Camelot developed a golf rpg yet,I think they could make an awesome golf rpg based on their history
My own conspiracy theory is the company either fell apart internally during the development of Golden Sun Dark Dawn, or after that took them five years or so with little else developed, and turned out only ok, Nintendo took the reigns much more tightly. But that's probably for another thread.