Google Giving Mystery Gift For Those That Found 151 Pokemon on Maps April Fools

Ugh. I got 150, could not for the life of me find Mew, cleared the cache, which in turn apparently cleared my history of ever catching any pokemon. This is rough.
Damn, wish I did this. I did a few...
I wonder what the prize will be.. Guessing a Pokeball...or something along those lines, ha ha.


Why are you reading my tag instead of the title of my post?
Am I just a bad person or a really bad person that I was noticeably a bit glad when I saw how many people got only 150/151?
I wonder if this is US only as I got all 151 and haven't had the notification....yet....(I did take screenshots at the time for 150/150 and pokedex complete to post on social media) I had a feeling at the time that they would reward people who completed this, they just seemed to be promoting it rather a lot for just an April Fools joke.