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Original Story, Writing, Storyboards, Animation, Character Designs, Mechanical Designs, Artworks, Directing: Mamoru Nagano

The creator of Five Star Stories has announced that via his nearly formed EPIC studio, he will be releasing a brand new anime created, directed, written, and designed by himself called Gothicmade. It bears much resemblence to his previous works L-Gaim and FSS in that it is set in a lush fantasy-flavored interplanetary system filled with royalty, empires, poetesses and elegant giant robots that resemble works of art more than war machines.

The story is set on a planet called Camine Planet, also known as the Red Land. On this planet there are women known as "poetess". They have the special ability of recording and passing down details and events from their memory. This tale is about a 16 year old Poetess named Belin Ajeri, known as the Flower Poetess and the third prince of the Donau Imperial family, Trihola. Two people with very different objectives and opinions about the world. The Gothicmade in the title is also the name of the mechs in the world. Standing 19 meters tall and powered by a Twin Swing system pushing over 100 horsepower, they were created in to fight in a war known as Warcaster.



Berlin, the song maiden

The Donau Imperial family crest. the two headed dragon

Trihalon, the third prince of Donau

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