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Opinion Game Dev Hype Gran Turismo 7 Producer Kazunori Yamauchi Discusses Importance of Attention to Detail & Improvement

Feb 26, 2021
I became addicted to GTS more than I thought I would. I dunno why but Forza 7 is nowhere near as fun, despite being prettier. With that said, I want GT7 to beef up its solo campaign and become a true racing RPG, because you can clearly see GTS's GT League was an after-thought.

Shoutout to @Abriael_GN for the article btw
I like racing games ok. I'm not a super fan or anything or play a lot of them but what I dont like about the few versions I played was the open world aspect they build them around. They are pretty and theres a good variety of tracks but between races I just want to buy parts, upgrade, and tune for the next race/ series/ license etc. I dont want to knock over signs, or race random ai ghosts or anything else thats is basically a waste of time. I much prefer the no nonsense "down to business" style of GT than the over the top arcade frenzy of the forza open world games.