Gran Turismo Sport Beta Thread

So. I've heard that Sony has started sending out Gran Turismo Sport beta codes.

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Holy shit you can rotate the camera with the right stick!

Its a juttery mess when you do it and doesnt give you any control outside of left and right rotation but man. Big step for PD.
It looks pretty great to me, and sounds better than i had hoped for.
I wasn't expecting improved collision physics at this point, just sweet car porn.

Any GAFfer in yet ?
Anyone knows if the streams so far were of the game being played on Pro or regular PS4 ?
Motion control steering is interesting. A VR immersion thing perhaps. Sitting in the cockpit in Driveclub VR doesn't quite match you controlling the car with the tip of your thumb on a controller you can't see yourself holding, while mystery hands are holding the steering wheel in front of you. Not sure how well I could manage the analog triggers and gear shifts at the same time I was steering, but I'll be glad to try it out. Reminder to people who might want to remap: The DS4 does not have analog face buttons.

Glad a pop-up HUD seems to be back. Yup, that's a GT controller layout. How is there no KERS/boost button function? That's bound to be on some of the cars somewhere at some point. R3 needs a purpose, dammit! Maximum control while driving is important!

Dammit Sony, please let me in. You owe me for buying a PSVR. ...Fine, you don't, but can you try to find it in your heart to pity me?
It's a Beta.
Gotta love the internet.....Seriously man
Well they delayed it, hoping it was to add something big.

Considering GT5 had dynamic weather it is really poor for PD to be going backwards here.

GT6 came out in 2013, spare me any comments about how this should be seen as a prologue as PD need time to release something resembling GT7 :/ 4 years and counting. Or 3 years and 4 months or whatever it is, but by the time Sport comes out it'll probably be almost 4 years exactly (if they don't delay it again). PD don't get any more passes from me for ridiculous dev cycles (and now cutting a lot of features).