Grand Theft Auto 5 & GTA Online Delayed to March 2022 (also, Trailer)


That's the Schrödinger's game. The game is already out and delayed at the same time.

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So the remaster is basically just same graphics at 60fps 4k. And probably some small improvements to explosions car crashes etc. And next gen consoles getting cars that can go faster. Makes me want gta 6 even more.


Ahh well, we don't matter, this will become the best selling game on PS5 and Xbox Series and there's nothing we can do about it.


My memory might be fooling me but I believe the vanilla PC version looked better that this years ago... Gonna wait for some direct comparisons to see where the mentioned enhancements are.

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I am terrified of Microsoft and am always concerned about them.
At least in the comments and by the thumbs down looks like a lot of people dislike the way Rockstar is taking.
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Considering how little they showed and how much potential income they stand to gain from this re-release I get the delay, but I was expecting a more comprehensive showcase of how this version is enhanced. Looks and sounds like the same kind of benefits already available on PC, so I'm really hoping it goes beyond that
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