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Grand Theft Auto Fan Is Building Their Own Remake Of GTA: San Andreas


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

A reddit user who signs their handiwork GHOSTinHELL is attempting to recreate GTA San Andreas from scratch with improved visuals. As of writing, it is not known if they are attempting to update any gameplay elements as well. This is more ambitious than an environmental mod, like adding fog back to GTA San Andreas; GHOSTinHELL is apparently trying to rebuild the entire game to look good. It's a monumental task, and one that Take-Two may well stop them from pursuing in the near future.


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The R* that made The original Trilogy are not the same R* now.. We now know they weren't passionate about remastering the trilogy and certainly don't give two shits about a remake.. They were looking to make some additional revenue and that's what GTA Trilogy DE is.

R* are the succubus of game devs!!

R* will wait to see if this guy goes anywhere with it and then nuke it.
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