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Grand Theft Auto: Online |OT| The Stimulation Has Began!


i've been begging for over 5 years.
Dec 5, 2008

October 18, 2013 GTAV Title Update 1.04 Notes

  • Fixes numerous issues that were causing vehicle loss and/or loss of vehicle mods
    Fixes an issue where the incorrect car is replaced when choosing to replace a car in a full garage
    Fixes an exploit allowing players to sell the same vehicle multiple times
    Fixes an issue that caused personal vehicles to be duplicated
    Fixes an issue where some players were unable to pay utility bills on an owned apartment or house
    Fixes an issue where players were not getting Crew invites in-game
    Fixes an issue where the starting point for the tutorial race was not appearing
    Fixes issues with joining Jobs from within a player-owned garage
    Fixes issues with players getting stuck while using playlists
    Fixes additional issues causing black screens, long load times, and players getting stuck in the sky cam
    Adds details in the UI to clarify that characters created while Rockstar cloud is unavailable are temporary (non-saved)
    Adds changes to the character creator to make better-looking default characters with the “random” option
    Players now only lose a maximum of 500 GTA$ upon death in Freemode


The ultimate shape of GTA Online official thread will be determined as much by you, the player, as by the work we put in. Everything we do will be informed by feedback from you all. We are planning for a constant stream of new content, tweaks and updates in the weeks and months ahead.

Seriously PM or email any pretty shit you want in the OT. My gmail is the same name as here. Enjoy.

With just hours remaining until the initial launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, here’s some more information to share to help get everyone ready for tomorrow. You can also look forward to plenty of GTA Online game tips and other community support features to roll out at the Rockstar Games Social Club website tomorrow as well – expect tutorial tips to be updated regularly as new content is added to GTA Online.

Access to GTA Online
Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with your copy of Grand Theft Auto V. On October 1st there will be a small downloadable Title Update released on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE. Upon installation of that Title Update, direct access to begin GTA Online will be unlocked in your GTAV game menu. You will be able to jump right into GTA Online via the 4th (bottom) slot in your GTAV character wheel. We’ve received many questions asking for a specific confirmation of what exact time GTA Online will be available but of course this is contingent on both Title Updates becoming available on each console’s network. As a general timeframe, we do expect the Title Update to become available on PSN and Xbox LIVE starting around 7AM ET tomorrow morning, and your best bet is to stay tuned throughout the day here at the Rockstar Newswire and by following us on Twitter and Facebook where we will be keeping everyone updated.

When does GTA Online Take Place?
Some people who’ve been playing through Grand Theft Auto V’s Story Mode have been inquiring how the narrative of GTA Online correlates or crosses over. Grand Theft Auto Online is set a few months prior to the events of Grand Theft Auto V’s single player story.

Home and Garage Security
There’s plenty of havoc and treachery you can cause out in the open world of course, but in order to prevent some really annoying “griefing”, we’ve designed house party invitations specifically to be a friendly social affair where players can visit each other’s pads without fear of having them ruined or losing their hard-earned vehicles in the process. If someone invites you into their property, then it is considered a friendly visit and you will not be able to shoot up their place or steal their cars from their garage. By the way, in any given lobby, if you and another player own the same piece of property, you will each be able to enter your own personal instance of that property at any given time. You will also be able to enter each other’s instance of that property if you exchange and accept an invite. This way, multiple instances of ownership of the same property within a lobby can co-exist.

GTA$ and Fair Play
To allay some concerns we’ve heard on this subject, we can assure you that the game is designed such that the option of purchasable GTA$ should not disrupt the playing field – and there are a few mechanics in place to help ensure that. All players still have to rank up with Reputation Points (RP) in order to get access to purchase high-end items. No one can begin GTA Online and simply spend a lot of money out of the gate to get a leg up. You will have to earn your stripes and play to unlock access to the aspirational clothes, guns and other items. Please also remember that in GTA Online, hustling to afford the finer things by earning GTA$ doing robberies, stick-ups, winning races and other profitable activities is a fun gameplay experience rather than ever being a ‘grind’. As we mentioned on Wednesday, we will constantly tweak all areas of the game to make it play fairer and iron out any balancing problems (while fixing all the other problems we encounter!), but we really need your help in figuring out what those issues are. So please work with us on that!

An Ever-Growing Collection of Jobs
Grand Theft Auto Online is a long-term GTA experience that you can expect to be built-upon, to grow and to evolve in many ways in the coming weeks, months and beyond. As part of that, there will be a massive amount of Jobs available to play over time as we will be regularly adding new ones for you to enjoy. Additionally, you will soon be helping to add content to the game world yourselves, by creating custom Race and Deathmatch Jobs through the Content Creator tool which we plan to release this fall. Grand Theft Auto Online is a collaborative project between Rockstar and all GTA players worldwide, so expect that we’ll effectively be working on it together from day one. As a very small example, the Crew Hierarchies feature that was introduced a few weeks back on Social Club was a direct result of popular fan feedback from last year – and we’ll be looking at the GTA Online community’s feedback, input and ideas constantly to help inform how the game itself will grow and evolve. As mentioned last week, we’ll be looking closely at your feedback emails sent to GTAOnline@rockstargames.com and in the GTA Online Suggestion Box board at the forthcoming Social Club Forums. We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you as active participants in the world of GTA Online starting tomorrow.

The Character Creation System
The hereditary-based character creation system of Grand Theft Auto Online allows for a multitude of options to create your avatar that will then inhabit the online world of Los Santos & Blaine County. Choose your gender then decide on your mother and father. From there, you can choose to give one parent genetic dominance or leave them more evenly matched. The choice is yours. Next, you adjust a set of lifestyle variables which help determine your character’s appearance and starting stats. Decide how much sleep he/she gets, how much partying they indulge in, how much honest work versus illegal activity, and more. Essentially, you can adjust the genetics to wind up with a fresh faced lad or lass or a grizzled, haggard degenerate or anywhere in between! You’ll also be able to preview your end result in real time all throughout to ensure you’re satisfied before putting your character on a direct flight to LS. Of course, once you’re out and about in the open world, you can further customize your character with haircuts, clothing and accessories to suit your tastes.

Exclusive Social Club Features

In Grand Theft Auto Online, Social Club members get access to weaponry and vehicular unlocks, a whole new suite of Crew features to represent and coordinate with your squad, and special tools to get the most out of Rockstar Jobs and user-created Jobs when the Content Creator tool launches this fall. Check out the updated www.rockstargames.com/V/socialclub for an overview of GTA Online Social Club features including new Crew customization possibilities like Crew colors and Emblem vehicle decals, Crew messaging options, and Open or Closed Crew Sessions. Plus unlocks like the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the Annis Elegy RH8 and the John Marston Parent option to do the Marston family proud in the modern day West. Also stay tuned for info later in October about the very first GTA Online Social Club Events which will have special Event Playlists curated by Rockstar, reserved in-game license plate awards for top players, and more. So, if you haven’t joined, we recommend doing so!
Expect that we’ll be keeping you up to date here at the Newswire tomorrow as the Title Updates become available on PSN and Xbox LIVE. We’re very much looking forward to seeing you and your Crews hit the wide open world of Los Santos and Blaine County in GTA Online tomorrow.

Overview & Updates

Crew Info:
R* Introduces Crew Hierarchies:

PS3 GTA Crew thread:

X360 GTA Crew thread:

Links n Shit:

Official R* Gameplay Vid:

R* Press Releases regarding GTA Online:

R* Wants Your Donkey Lady
R* is anticipating massive demand for the launch of GTA Online and asking for feedback after launch. We can only hope for the equivalent of Donkey Lady in GTA Online.

• GTAOnline@rockstargames.com: This email address will be active from launch day as a place to send your input and feedback direct to us relating to the game.

• GTA Online Forums at Social Club: At some point this fall after the initial release of GTA Online, we are planning to launch Social Club Forums where players can chat with one another about their online experiences as well as access a GTA Online Suggestion board to post about any suggested features, tweaks and changes you want to see.

• Open-World Crime and Chaos: Go on your own or round up your friends to explore the open world together – catch a movie, go mountain biking, hit the shooting range and much more. Want to test the law? Knock over a convenience store, take down a gang or rob an armored truck for easy cash and Reputation.

• Jobs: Los Santos and Blaine County are ripe with opportunity for the ambitious and criminal minded. Take on Missions and an array of other Jobs as a lone wolf, team up with your Crew or join fellow mercenaries and degenerates to pull off a wide range of robberies and illicit activities together.

• Sports: Join your friends / any random stranger for a game of tennis, a round of golf or go base jumping and more, all for cash and Reputation.

• Customization: Create your character using the Character Creator – then earn some cash and spend it getting dressed for success. You can also collect and customize cars for your garage and personalize your full weapons cache.

• Reputation and Cash Flow: Reputation is earned from all your online exploits in everything you do in GTA Online – and will help you rank up, providing access to new features, weapons and criminal contacts. Spend cash you’ve gained on cars, clothes, guns, properties and much more. You can either quickly accumulate cash through profitable activities like knocking over armored cars, winning street races, doing stick-ups or a host of other cash-making endeavors – or if you’re the completely instant gratification type, you can choose to buy denominations of GTA$. You will have the option to purchase GTA$ through the in-game Store. The game and its economy have been designed and balanced for the vast majority of players who will not buy extra cash. There is no in-game paywall and nothing that should disrupt the balance of the game. You don’t have to spend real money to attain the cars, guns, clothes, flash and style of a high-roller in Los Santos, but can if you wish to get them a little quicker. The economy is balanced differently from the single player economy, and cash earned in one cannot be taken over to the other. Most players will earn cash much faster Online than in Story Mode.
• Microtransactions: Yes, you’ll be able to buy GTA cash packs. More info here:

Planned Features
Here is a quick overview of a few initial things we’re working on for the first few weeks of Grand Theft Auto Online, alongside an aggressive period of tuning and finessing the game. We will give you dates for all of this content as soon as we have them – bear in mind that the order of things may well change, and we will probably add some extra stuff as well!
• The Content Creator: The Content Creator will launch with tools to tailor and publish your own Deathmatches & Races.

• The Beach Bum Pack: Featuring 4 new amazing beach fun vehicles, over 300 new items of incredible down tempo leisure wear and 2 new but not remotely relaxing weapons.

• Capture the Flag: GTA Online’s take on the classic CTF mode including the ability to make your own using The Content Creator.

• Heists: This update will introduce full-on cooperative Heist missions that will require careful planning, teamwork and sharp execution – along with the Heist Planning Board for your apartment.

*credit to Greenjerk & Alienous


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
May 9, 2009
Nice, let's do this!


Aug 23, 2012
Bama, US
Nice. This will be so fun with online friends.

BTW, is the player limit still 16? I thought I read somewhere it was upped to 30.


Mar 14, 2010
Is that a modern day John Marston at the top right there? lol. I'm not really expecting GTAO to work overly well the first couple of days, but hopefully I can at least make my character before everything turns to shit.


Jul 1, 2012
I think this will be where the game truly shines, and that's saying a lot, obviously. Hope they pull it off.


Oct 28, 2012
Can't believe the amount of content they've managed to include online. Can't wait until Tuesday but whether or not their servers can cope is another thing.


Sep 14, 2010
Servers can't even cope with millions of people taking selfies, they will surely melt when people try to play online.

The Albatross

Apr 15, 2010
As namer for the GTA Online OT and militant advocate for the GTA V OT#1 name, I think I've made my contributions to the videogame industry.

The Albatross

Apr 15, 2010
When does GTA Online Go live?
Sometime on Tuesday, Oct 1. R* does not know the exact time, and much of it will be dependent on Sony and Microsoft... which leads to the next question:

How do you activate or enable GTA Online?
GTA Online is activated/enabled by a small download, a few hundred KB or a few MB in size

Does GTA Online cost more money?
No, GTA Online is included with every copy of GTA V. There is no subscription fee, but Rockstar will have micro-transactions in the game for some items -- though they insist this will be balanced.

Can I play GTA Online without a copy of GTA V?
No, GTA Online cannot be purchased/obtained as a stand alone product -- it requires GTA V and the GTA V disc to be in the console.

Is GTA Online an MMO?
Not really. While all of your character details (stats, weapons, abilities, appearance, cars, properties, etc) will carry over with you from game to game, every instance of GTA Online has a maximum of 16-players, so it is not a persistent open world in that respect.

Then how is property ownership handled?
This isn't confirmed, but it is likely that property ownership will be relegated to apartments or condos, where you have a physical building that you can walk into, but your specific unit is one of an infinite amount of units. This can be achieved by walking into an "elevator" which takes you to your apartment, or, your friend could walk into the same elevator and go to his own apartment.

Are you able to have multiple characters online?
Not likely -- at least, not at once. Your online character uses up the final remaining slot on the character wheel. You should be able to "reset" your character, but having multiple, distinct, persistent characters is most likely not an option.

How many crews can you join
5 crews, max. You can toggle what your "active" crew on the Social Club.


Oct 30, 2011
Ugggggh...GTA V is one thing, but this? This could hook me.

But I must resist for the PC/Next Gen versions aaaaaaahhh

...Also I get a real THERE vibe from the 'ability to anything' deal, except not, you know, like THERE :p


Apr 1, 2013
Haha nice OT! It doesn't need to be too flashy cause its just the multiplayer for a game that already released (which is a testament to how awesome it will hopefully be!).


See you homies online.


Sep 5, 2013
So, since you can rank up and earn RP/exp by doing sport activities, could you theoretically level all the way up to 100 by becoming the tennis pro on the server? hehe


Mar 18, 2010
Ugggggh...GTA V is one thing, but this? This could hook me.

But I must resist for the PC/Next Gen versions aaaaaaahhh

...Also I get a real THERE vibe from the 'ability to anything' deal, except not, you know, like THERE :p

If you got a console just do it. Some see it as a ploy by R* to make you double dip but honestly a game of this quality, I can let it slide.


Jul 3, 2004
Hype hype hype.

Do we know if anything will be scaled back from the offline? Such as vehicle selection, traffic density, map size etc. Or will it be a 1:1 experience? Talking about stuff like jumbojets, tanks, sub, towing trucks etc.


Oct 1, 2010
This may seem like a silly question, but can you join more than 1 crew? I have a friends crew but I'd also like to get in on the GAF crew too, if I have time.

The Albatross

Apr 15, 2010
Are you able to have multiple online characters?

Updated the mini FAQ up there.

Probably not. You can probably reset your character at any time, but I wouldn't bet that you can have multiples. It would be great if so, my GF would definitely like running around the city as a more accurate avatar.

A question I have:

Will the content creator be unlocked day 1, on Oct 1? Or is this something that Rockstar is opening up a couple of weeks later? We saw the creator in the online reveal, but it sort of sounded like it might not be a day 1 unlock. Sure, we know the content creator will get more features as time progresses.

Call me when the heists are actually in the online.

There will be heists online from day 1, with coordinated attacks on NPC areas and a goal. IGN (and others) walked through one where a group has to steal a large, titan airplane from a Merriweather-controlled base and flying it off to Sandy Shores. However, the heists in online are more simple than the heists in the SP game.


Aah, I'm unsure how in depth these are though. Bummer from reading the post from R*