Grand Theft Auto V: Announcement Trailer Nov. 2nd

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I say GTA V = LA + Vegas, LA you start, and Vegas where it ends, and everything in between those 2 cities


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Ubermatik said:
Refresh bro, I've got 11 minutes!

I did a full refresh and it still says 4 hours to go, i wonder if it's a regional thing since i'm in Chile. Hopefully the trailer hits youtube quickly i would hate to miss the trailer.


Please be exclusive to one system (3DS would be the best) so I can savour the meltdown.

P.S. as I said before the GTA:IV teaser, not in space please.


FinalD said:
So ... how many are gonna die if the trailer doesn't reveal the location?

As far as I know, all the 3D GTA reveal trailers have at least shown 1 minute of ingame footage, including locales.
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