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Grand Theft Auto V is the best selling game of all time (In the US) - NPD


Game barely gets a price cut.

Like, it should be $30 CAD, but it's always like $40+

Pretty insane.

Ironically it has been on sale the last week or two for $30 Canadian at Eb games lol I ended up picking up the Xbox One version (after getting ps3 version at release).
If I'm getting this right, GTAV is the best-selling game in the US, but for other countries in the Americas (Canada, Mexico, Central/South America) is it not quite #1?

You're not getting this quite right.

The report that released yesterday was for the US market. No data or findings were released, discussed or implied for any other market.


Kinda wonder whether we'll ever have a true GTA VI, or whether it will just be GTA Online shit fest microtransactions busted grinding crap. Rockstar has made so much money on GTA Online cash cards at so little relative expensive, and Take2 loves money and needs that money to stay afloat, I sort of wonder.

Benzies really drove GTA Online into fruition, so with him gone, who knows, maybe we will get the proper massive GTA VI single player story game. But... I'm hesitant. I haven't been pessimistic about a future GTA game, but GTA Online has really soured me to what's next in the series.
I think the answer is almost certainly yes.

After all, GTA online is built on the base GTA experience.
Hopefully the next GTA is online only.


I'm still bitter that they scrapped plans for single-player DLC and focused on making money online content instead. So much of the map was left unexplored after I was done with the game - and I don't give two fucks about GTA online.


And everyone expected a PC version of Red Dead on the same day as console versions. Rockstar trying to figure out how to triple dip again.
It'll be interesting to watch Red Dead Redemption 2 performance. It obviously will never be anywhere near this but Rockstars brand had grown so much it will be cool to track how much bigger RDR2 is in comparison to the last game.

I honestly don't even think the eventual GTAVI will outsell GTAV
GTA 6 is never coming out, is it?

Sure one day. A long time from now. Red Dead Redemption 2 has taken their full attention for a long time now as well as the manpower needed to keep GTAV Online running strong.

I suspect GTA 6 is in some sort of pre-production but we won't see it for at least 4-5 years I don't think
It's a stunningly well-crafted open world game, so I'd say its sales are totally deserved. I never got into the online portion of it, but the single-player game is fantastic.


2nd best GTA game behind Vice city

I really hope they update the controls in GTA6, at least have control options, tapping A to run faster is not gonna cut it any more lol


I remember getting very hyped for this back when it was originally a spring 2013 launch and knew the game would be massive when news hit that the game made back its entire budget on preorders alone, but this type of success I never could've imagined. Simply insane, but god damn it, at least the game is great enough to justify the success.

I haven't played since a little after the heists launched but I've always wanted to get back into it.


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I double dipped but I'm still disappointed that you can only save a few vehicles in single player and you pretty much have to buy the big garages in GTAO.


I don't think I've gone more than a month without playing it since it first released in Sept 2013. And I'm talking the single player, not online. Don't give two shits about GTA online.
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