Great fan interpretations of videogame music

Super Metroid on a Genesis sound scheme. 4:19, my favorite of the tracks.

My first post here on the gaf. =)
Best post to start out with, comrade—I was just recently a Junior myself.

Now, time for some Mega Drive Sonic Adventure music:

Now compare it with the original:

—Impressive how a change in sound quality can affect the whole mood of the piece, peeling the more subtle layers of the original to reveal the more bluesy aspects heard underneath.
I'd always been a fan of the ending version of Shadow's theme, and I'd never heard this one. Wow, it's good.
This make one's hair stand on end
Indeed. I think the guy who wrote it is some sort of musical genius. If you check out some of his other stuff, he actually has some "composing on the fly" tutorial videos where he pretty much writes entire songs in 30-50 minutes. Mind blowing stuff.