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GrimGrimoire OnceMore |OT| Lillet's Endless déjà vu


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Developer(s): Vanillaware
Publisher(s): NIS America
Platform(s): PS4/5, Switch
Release Date: April 4, 2023

Lillet Blan​


A hardworking young girl who was recognized for her magical talent and invited to the Silver Star Tower. Born to a poor family in the countryside with three younger brothers, she dreams of becoming a great magician to make them proud. After being thrust into an unexpected ordeal, Lillet confronts the mysteries before her with a daring mettle and sound judgment even she didn't know she was capable of.

Bartido Ballentyne​


An older student who studies Alchemy. Beneath his coarse, blunt exterior lies a hidden secret. Although he claims to be better at combat than magic, he is capable of summoning powerful Chimeras and Golems.

Margarita Surprise​


A student at the Magic Academy and Lillet's first friend there. She is very laid-back, despite her traumatic history of being rescued from a town where magicians were persecuted. Her familiar, a frog named Surely, rides around on her head.

Gammel Dore​


The head of the Magic Academy, a legendary magician who defeated the evil Archmage and sealed his contracted devil. He now invites young talent to the tower to mold them into the next generation of magic users. To study under him is the dream of every magician in the country, despite the fact that students have occasionally gone missing at the Magic Academy.



A devil who teaches Sorcery under a contract with Gammel, the details of which are unknown. He makes a virtue of behaving like a gentleman, but shows his true face as a devil on occasion. Although he refrains from actively collecting souls at the academy, he won't turn away any who come to him of their own accord.

Chartreuse Grande​


A professor of Alchemy. He was once a handsome young man, prior to being cursed with the form of a lion. Although it is said that love can rid him of his curse, he is only interested in his research and cannot be bothered to waste time on curing himself.

Amoretta Virgine​


A student at the Magic Academy. Her smile captivates all who see it. And that extends beyond just humans..

Opalneria Rain​


A dignified and bewitching Necromancy instructor. Professor Gammel places a great amount of trust in her. Though she may appear rather cold, she has a fiery heart with a passionate love for Dr. Chartreuse that even she can't hold back.

Hiram Menthe​


A kind, gentle, and well-bred honors student at the academy who studies under Ms. Opalneria. He and Bartido are good friends, perhaps due to each having qualities the other lacks. Hiram came to the Magic Academy with a certain purpose in mind.


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Never heard of this one. It looks sort of like odin sphere but no side scrolling gameplay.
Is this a remake?

What has vanillaware been doing since Dragon Crown?
Sucks that Muramasa was only released on wii and vita. its over $100 now on wii and I'd love to play it on a tv. My vita version is good but why not port it to switch or ps4/5?

I never understood why this dev only releases on certain platforms and doesn't port?

I am playing Astlibra revision on steam deck which is the closest I have seen to a vanillaware side scrolling game, as far as gameplay. Art isn't up to vanillaware level but the game sure is.
Is there any other side scrolling games they made besides odin sphere, Muramasa and Dragon Crown?

Oh 13 sentinels, how is that game? I never even knew it was a thing. It looks more hybrid rpg then side-scroller arpg.
What has vanillaware been doing since Dragon Crown?

Oh 13 sentinels, how is that game? I never even knew it was a thing. It looks more hybrid rpg then side-scroller arpg.
That's all since DC (still their best work IMO).

13 Sentinels is a bifurcated experience. You oscillate between a sidescrolling, multi-character sci-fi adventure (with Japanese teenagers and mechas, naturally) to a minimalist, top-down RTS. It's jarring, IMO, and the story tries to do too much 2/3 of the way through. It's the 7/10 game, where there are redemptive qualities but serious missteps that sour what the game could have become. But you do get your over the top femme fatale character, so there's that at least.


I still can't understand why Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown aren't on Switch.

I have vague memories of Grimgrimoire on PS2... I'd like to do it, but I have way too many games on the back burner. Glad to see it's well received, even if it's clearly a niche game that almost no one will buy...
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I just noticed that original game on PS2 is rated "E" but Oncemore version is rated "T".


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In Canada we never got deluxe edition……FUCK!!!!

In Mexico they don't even know the existence of the video game.:messenger_neutral:

But look, here I bought it and there is the PS5 edition!!!


I always wanted to buy it since the PS2 era, but I was a poor student and that game was rare to get.

Until I just buy it.

I chose the Switch version because I always see Nintendo Switch as the home for cult video games.
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