GTA 6 Mega Leak - Team Real or Fake?

What team you on?

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I dont want to believe that someone wrote this wall of fake shit just for giggles

So hopefuly this is real. But Im pretty sure its all fake.


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Yeah that seems like the pop station alright
People need to begin bracing themselves.

This is similar to the lead up on next-gen consoles. What I mean by that is we’re going to see 10+ leaks daily, all contradicting each other and every GTA centric Youtuber and their Nannies milking the living life out these rumours.


i ain't believing shit until rockstar says something. not got the energy for this. plus gta doesn't interest me much anymore with their focus on online.


Sounds lame as hell, I dont know how you could be interested by this trash if you are past 30 and have read a few good books in your life.


They want to earn HOW MUCH in the first 24hours :messenger_open_mouth:

Didn't they make 1 billion in a couple of weeks with GTA 4 & 5?

Seems pretty reasonable to do it day 1 now with how big it's gotten and probably lot's of in-game purchases available right away.
Looks real to me, Rockstar can afford this kind of budget since they can re-release it for multiple generations afterwards and make multiple billions. Golden :messenger_grinning_sweat:


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Rock* usually announce a few months before release so I call bullshit


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I just can't see how the OG GTA style can march on and survive in these wokie times. Trevor was amazing and don't see how we can have an equivalent in 2024.
I personally found trevor to be insufferable, probably the worst part of the game.

I quite like Micheal and Franklin though, but even then all the characters in gta are pretty poor in comparison to Arthur in RDR2.


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Sounds like my dream game, really like that you play as a cop and can aresst people, are a drug runner, can take various drugs, need to sleep, money is harder to get. Do you need to eat?
I don't believe this "leak". GTA V was already a slog to play through the campaign that I don't think keeping the multiple protagonist is the right call for every following entry the franchise.

Maybe I'm just burnt out on Rockstar games? It could be. However, I'd rather have what we did with Arthur in Red Dead Redemption 2 than everyone else in GTA V (including Trevor).


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Some of this sounds too good to be true. But if anyone is capable of pulling it off it’s rockstar.
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  • Dead bodies can be carried into trunks to conceal them. When stopped by the police, they may search your vehicle, and finding a dead body in your trunk will result in an immediately wanted level. Similar to Grand Theft Auto IV “Have a Heart”, taming damage to your vehicle may cause the trunk to pop open. If there is a dead body inside, it will be visible causing civilians to call the police, or police will notice and cause a wanted level.
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I just can't see how the OG GTA style can march on and survive in these wokie times. Trevor was amazing and don't see how we can have an equivalent in 2024.
Why? You think people aren't going to buy gta because woke faggots dislike it? Gta is far too big to be canceled lol


i wonder if they'll finally fix the culling of vehicles whenever they drive more than 50 yards away, that always ruined the immersion/realism for me in GTAs (did they ever fix that in GTAV?)

i would always be doing something and see a particular car/driver go by or do something and i would always want to catch up to them later but they would be culled.
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