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GTA 6 will ‘set creative benchmarks for the series’, claims publisher Take-Two.


It's about time to rethink the bullshit mission design.

You fail a mission you have to restart. Games like True Crime Streets Of LA had multiple endings depending how you failed or succeeded in missions.

This game was released in 2003. Give me a fucking Break.

Sounds good, but if you want that you must accept an additional 2+ years onto development time for these games.

GTA games are already the biggest venture in the gaming industry, we know these games can take 5+ years to make, adding these great ideas is all well and good but people need to understand that these additions increase development time.
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Like R* will give a fuck about the purple haired Twitter mob, they'll take the piss out of everything and everyone and the outrage mob will be outraged and millions will still buy it, remember boys and girls, not everyone is on twatter nor gives a fuck about it, GTA is too big to cancel/fail


It's taking so long because they literally had to make two versions, so you can turn satire off.
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