GTA V Official Site Update with new screens, artwork and more


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.

Exclusive Country Clubs
A lush golf course in the desert? Is it a mirage? No, it's a byproduct of sensible water usage so that the well-heeled can hit the links at the exclusive Los Santos Country Club. Come rub shoulders and tee off with the privileged and pompous.

Local Artisans
Visit one of our local tattoo parlors like Ink Inc or Blazing Tattoo and let one of the talented and highly-trained artists help you make a decision that will last forever.

Serenity & Wellness
Whether it’s the Downward Dog pose or the more advanced Dropping Fire Log, there are many fulfilling and compromising positions you can contort yourself into with the help of an expert like Master Private Yoga Instructor, Fabien LaRouche.

I had a dream that I played this. It was fun but jaggy as hell, like Rockstar squeezed every last drop out of these consoles. I can't remember ever dreaming about a game before, maybe this is a good thing.
my god. this is glorious.

Also INB4:


followed up by

Well, that's because it's both.

They're clearly heavily antialiased and motion blurred in a way you won't see on the consoles, but then they're compressed down to 720p anyway, so they still look like shit.

But that still looks better than what you'll be seeing on 360/PS3, anyway. But not as good as what you'll see on PC.
oh man, fucking Rockstar LOL.

The scale and variety of environments alone make this a contender of GOTY to me ( and the detail of each environment, just amazing)
Glad to see the humour too.

Just a few more days, just a few more days, just a FEW MORE DAYSSS.
Looks amazing, can't wait to drive around aimlessly. Also is it just me, or do the main 3 protagonists look a bit more stylized than all the other characters/NPCs shown?