GTA V PC |OT| Benny Hill Sped Up Fake Gamey Edition

EEEEHHH! Can't wait. I only played probably half of it on PS3 when the PC version was announced. Then I stopped immediately. :p Got it preloaded and ready!

I’m ready for sunset bike rides up Mount Chiliad, and for swinging on people with a hatchet in first person mode all over again. I can not wait! Screenshots through and through!
Triple dip. PS3, PS4, and Steam version on my 970. Never played more than an hour of the first two versions, knowing this would eventually come. Give me 60 or give me death.
I'm really excited. I had it on PS3 when it was originally released, but barely played it and decided to wait on the PC version (I had faith). Looks like I made the right call.
Dat thread title. So good.

I've bought GTA V 3 times now, but always stopped a few hours in. I kept convincing myself to wait for the PC release. So hyped to play this in 4K 60FPS.
Looking forward to see how my PC handles this!
Going to stick to SP for now though, because I still have some work to do on my PS4 character before I transfer over. Plus I want to avoid all the weird transfer bugs that happened when the next gen versions came out.
I probably wouldn't be able to play proper until I finished with Pillars, but will boot it up and post performance impressions from my rig. :)

Exciting times are ahead!
I just learned that you could import any console character to PC. I've hadGTAV bundled with my PS4 since November and was holding off on playing it because I thought importing was only allowed within the same console family... Wow I really missed out.
Damn dude nice music. It's looking like a study all nighter so this might actually be just the thing.

If that's your work, nice going, and great logo to boot. I was almost fooled into thinking it was cut content.
Haha, I wish it was my work. Dude did a great job, though. Definitely going to be making it my Self.FM though. If you check his channel or the related videos there's a part 2 that's even longer :)