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Guardians of the Galaxy Game Reportedly in Development by Square Enix


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Square Enix could be attempting to write their wrongs as reports have began circulating that a new Guardians of the Galaxy game is in development at the studio.

The information originates from industry insider and journalist, Jeff Grubb. In a recent podcast on his personal YouTube channel, Grubb said “That’s real. Guardians of the Galaxy, Square Enix, another Marvel game”.

Grubb didn’t divulge any further information on the upcoming Square Enix game, but he did say “I hope they show it at E3 because I wanna see what people think of it”.

This could mean that Jeff knows more than he’s letting on and that the game could be far enough along that fans receive some sort of trailer when E3 kicks off on June 12.


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I hope this has been in development since before Avengers.

If its been put into development since Avengers released to its panning then we won't see it for years, it will be much simpler in scope or it will suck, choose one :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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Reizo Ryuu

If this is MCU guardians then meh, if this is marvel cosmic annihilation guardians, then fuck yes; there's sooo many characters available there, even Nova was part of a major comics gotg storyline.
Though this being a seperate game from avengers, means we'll probably not see cross polination.


I really enjoyed the avengers campaign so if they can also give us a good campaign and improve on the end game content I'll be happy.


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Hopefully it will be an epic single player game where you play as Star Lord adventuring across the galaxy while other members of the gang pop up here and there....only joking,of course it will be another co-op/mutiplayer/shared world mtx filled shitfest.


I'm happy for them to make this kind of stuff, if they'd then sell the Deus Ex& Thief licences to someone else so that we can have some decent games.


If this is a fun 10-15 hours coop game it could be amazing.

But it's probably going to be yet another shitty GAAS Loot game where you are supposed to play the same missions again and again, fighting the same spongy enemies again and again to grind for better loot so the numbers that pop up when I shoot at the grindy enemies are a bit higher and maybe in another color.

This one will be a hit because Sony can't block any character out of it

Yes, because that was the only issue with Avengers: No Spiderman


Never again Square.

Unless it's a X-Men Legends/Marvel Ultimate Alliance type game, I don't trust Square (let alone other more reputable developers) to make a good super hero game. Spider-Man and Batman Arkham games "work", because they're both confined to their respective metropolitan areas, and they both make use of traversal.


Lol edit - I thought the team who did the Tomb Raider games would be good for GOG until I realised they made Avengers lmao
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I see a huge potential for one of the best soundtracks ever.
Friend, if they wouldn't even pay for the likenesses of the Marvel movie actors, they are not going to pay royalty fees for music. You're going to get this:


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Could be interesting. Just saw this in the metro - guess it depends on if they're willing to drop Avengers so soon and replace it with this


That feeling I have about this after The Avengers trainwreck. Automatically not interested even though I haven't seen it yet.
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Just let Eidos do more Deus Ex, Square. Stop trying to make Marvel games a thing. It's not gonna be a thing.

And sell the Thief IP to Cyanide Studios... or was it Spiders? Whatever. The ones that make the Styx games. Maybe that way we can finally get a decent Thief 4.


So another 4 years for another trash marvel game? When I booted up Deus Ex Mankind divided in 2016 I didn't imagine I'd have to wait another 10 years for a sequel.


Lol edit - I thought the team who did the Tomb Raider games would be good for GOG until I realised they made Avengers lmao
Interesting, this might explain why Lara's body was covered over with huge bearskin costumes and her face made less pretty in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

I wanted to get avengers but all the playthroughs I watched started with hours and hours of that kamala character (her personality seemed ok but her super powers looked so completely stupid in appearance I couldn't justify a purchase).

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Gonna bet one canadian dollar, they're just going to copy the Avengers game, replace the models, assets and re-release it as Guardian of the Galaxy.

low effort copy&pasta = maximum profit
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Pay some money to get the actors likeness or make it heavily stylized. All of the character models in avengers look like fucking dogshit.


Been hearing about this for years, wasn't sure if it was still in development after the avengers flopped. if it's still being worked on i hope they can pivot in a better direction, because i'd hate for a repeat of the avengers, a good guardians game deserves better.


I feel like there's just a huuuge difference in building a game from the ground up centered one one very specific set of controls and abilities versus making a video game around a whole team of amazing super heroes. Spider-Man is an excellent example of a game designed around a well-defined set of limitations. It's a fun game especially because of the controls and the limitations even though those limitations gradually reduce over time. It's significantly harder to design a game and a world around a whole team of very diverse characters, especially those who represent a near omnipotent amount of potential (speaking specifically to the fuggin' Avengers).

I feel like there's definitely potential in Marvel video games. There always has been. X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse comes to mind. These games, I feel, are an exercise in less is more. Simplify where possible. Introduce believable limitations within the context of the Marvel-verse. Most importantly, you've got to nail the writing and the voice acting. Personality is like half of what's important in these games.
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