Guess Atlus USA's next game reveal


is beloved, despite what anyone might say
As much as I like Sting, I'm hoping it's Growlanser I and/or IV... since I've heard nothing but praise from both games and I'm really eager to dip into the series next year.
But it would actually be the third release, right? II and III were never sold separately. So ...
To counter that, EVERY Dept Heaven main entry ended up ported to PSP from its original platform. Don't think it'd matter very much since Gungnir would be the 7th entry in the US then.

And in regards to the episode insanity: it'd probably be akin to saying the Phantom Menace is the fourth main Star Wars movie, even though it's Episode 1.
Yeah, I thought about the porting situation. So technically it isn't the fourth release for either series.

So, not one or the other, not both, but neither!

More realistically, I will assume they meant the fourth game released which puts us precisely where we were day 1.