Guess What Works With Garry's Mod? TEAM FORTRESS 2! (pics)

gregor7777 said:
Does she have a name? Did I miss it, or did they never tell you outright?
They never tell you outright, but it's Chell Johnson.

BTW, how to download Garry's Mod Beta '07:


How To Install The Beta

1. Download this file.

2. Extract it to your SourceMods folder..

i.e. C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\

It should make the folder


The folder will be empty(ish)

3. Download and install Tortoise SVN

4. Right click on the gmbeta2007 folder, and go to "SVN Update"

It should then update. It should just download gameinfo.txt and a load of spawnicons.

When you want to check for updates again, do the same thing again.
Prime crotch said:
The gnome achievement not being unlockable on commentary mode, I've wasted so much time for nothing then. Got to do it all over again.
Well, I checked my console while carrying the guy around, and I noticed the game was rejecting all the milestones for other achievements (like, gravgun kills) and saying "Acheivements disabled, commentary on" or something. I'm left to assume I can't do the gnome one then.
GodfatherX said:
wait, i just got half life 2 again...lost old acct and valve was no help, and found out that garys mod is no longer free, whats up with this
Garry's Mod 9 is free, but the creator went retail when he made 10. Which is good the guy deserves money for such an awesome mod.
I forgot how easy it is to waste an entire day in Gmod.

I wanted to make a load of these, but it takes so much time.

The team visit city 17:



Just so you know, I have the best avatars ever.
SpeedySwaf said:
Oh man, it'd be great if we got something akin to that Half-life fan comic a while back.
Actually, the guy behind Concerned has already been mucking about with this, swapping out the gnome for Gordon in Ep 2. I've only found the directory with the files so far; don't know if there's a blog post or something. I can't see it, but I'm pretty dense.

Here's a few funny ones (SPOILERS, btw):

I assume he's still going, because that's not real far into it.

Is it me or are the TF2 ragdolls heavier than the others?

edit: How do you get the sentries to clip onto the floor properly? My sentries keep on sinking into the floor as you can see in the far right corner of the screenshot.
Borys said:

I can't see Lyon pics :( :( :(

Why was Crushed banned? Which thread?
No? Odd.

These should be fine, full size versions:

Perhaps I have time for one more before I leave the house :D

Jesus, I can't get enough of this!