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Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- announced (Unreal Engine)

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New installment, uses Unreal Engine too apparently.

Arc System Works is proud to announce the upcoming Guilty Gear title at their "Arc System Works Festival", which took place in the Yokohama Pacifico venue on 5/19/2013.
Be sure to stay tuned, as Daisuke Ishiwatari takes the director's chair once again, to bring you, THE latest installment to the beloved fighting franchise:Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-!

Guilty Gear Xrd Portal Site : http://ggxrd.com/



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How do you pronounce Xrd?


Better love it, since we're going to play various Accel/Super/Hyper/XXXXX versions of it for the next 10 years.


In development.....

I guess it's for next gen, looks great but I'm crying for HD sprites.

Their bank balance would also be crying if they went for HD sprites, and I bet we wouldn't see this game for a long time off if they went in that direction.


It took them long enough.

This looks kinda like what I made a topic about a month or two ago - 3D pretending to be 2D, complete with choppier animation.
Looks decent.
I did enjoy arc system fighting games, but they do fall victim to over bloated fighting mechanics.

Hopefully they get toned down on this.


I've never seen such 2D-looking 3D models. Honestly, I'm super impressed.

I mean seriously. It looks absolutely 2D but with the benefit of camera pans and such. They even emulate that sword drag effect, before now, I would have thought was a remnant of 2D animation.


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How the fuck are those graphics even possible?

Some people talk about 3D models that resemble 2D sprites but HOLY SHIT THAT ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE 2D.
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