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Patient MembeR
Can someone recommend a resource for practicing scales or general practice for "keeping sharp"? I've decided to go through the lesson book mentioned in the OP but maybe that isn't the best route.


years ago i chipped the paintwork on my guitar when trying to replace a nut (amateur mistake i know). what is the best paint to use? also the guitar is white and has a nitrocellulose lacquer.

it's only a tiny chip so would something like this do?


also what do i use to smoothen it out? just really fine sandpaper?

Winter John

I was sitting out back drinking with Murphy dog last night when it occured to me I needed an electric guitar. So I staggered in, bought myself one of these LTD 401s and passed out on the couch.



Guitar's arrived. It's smaller than I expected but it plays great. Now I need to learn how to use a pick.
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I've progressed quite a bit since the last time I posted here. Currently trying to learn Go To Sleep by Radiohead and Stevie Ray Vaughna's Riviera Paradise.

I love my guitar, one of the best buys I've done in my twenties for sure.
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