Guitar Hero On Tour for DS revealed! (first info, pictures and video!)

German magazine revealed Guitar Hero On Tour for Nintendo DS!

Finally! Finally we get to know how exactly those crazy folks at Vicarious Visions will realize an authentic Guitar Hero-experience on Nintendos popular Handheld. The answer has a name: Guitar Grip! And it looks very promising! It's more or less kind of a shell-grip-controller-hybrid and fits in the GBA-Slot of the DS (either the game is only compatible to the DS lite, or there must be two versions) and covers pretty much of the handhelds back. It also has a strap for your hand to assure a good hold and enough freedom for your fingers to rock on!

The game is played with one hand in the guitar grip, holding the DS sideways - Hotel Dusk- and Kawashima-Style. The non-touchscreen shows the usual GH-"music-highway” with the indicators for the button-presses. Strumming is done with a pick (seems like it comes bundled) on the touchscreen. The gameplay itself seems absolutely the same as previous Guitar Hero iterations. You perform perfect note-strings, gain multipliers, gain star power, use star power and feel pretty damn cool. The screens even indicate a working tremolo. We wonder how this works. You absolutely have to check out the video at the first page of this news. It pretty much shows the real deal, even if it is a bit too casual for our taste. But hey, it is Guitar Hero! And it seems to rock the DS. That's what matters! Now the only thing left to do is playing the waiting game. Guitar Hero On Tour will be released sometime in summer '08. Oh curse you, waiting game!
First Video

First Pictures

Awesome!! :D

Looks ridiculous to me. No way in hell would I play this while I'm waiting for an oil change or something (my apologies to the PROUD TO B A GAMERZ guy). And if I'm at home, I'd play one of the real versions of GH or Rock Band. I was hoping for an Elite Beat Agents ripoff. Ah well, money saved.
I'm getting this. Should tide me over until Elite Beat Agents 2 hits. Looks like they put alot of thought into this DS version. I'll probably look like an idiot though in the parking lot blowing into the DS.:D
Y2Kev said:
OMG this looks awesome!!! And a great way to stop piracy!

Seriously, it seems like every other person I see is using an R4. At the brawl midnight launch, I would say well over half of the people had an R4.

AMEN! Let the great games sell!

This looks totally awesome btw! Great idea VV! Day 1 for me!
Four frets is a little disappointing, because I really get off on the fret hand moving up and down and doing weird spider shit across the neck. On the other hand, I've always kind of wanted to see some 4-fret Hard and Expert charts.


Douchebag. Yes, me.
Blowing on the screen is one of the stupidest "gameplay enhancing" features of the DS. You're basically spitting on your screen. It's disgusting. And what does it add to the experience? Absolutely nothing.

That followed by having to make a noise into the mic. I play my DS on the train. I'm not going to start yelling shit at a little plastic box, and I'm especially not going to clap my hands like M&S at the olympics wants me to.

The mic should be used for wifi chat and nothing else.
AceBandage said:
Well, EBA had what? 16 songs? There are bigger cards out now, so a 30+ track list isn't out of the question.
IGN says more than 20, so im guessing 20 some.

and blowing in the mic seems to be for battle mode to blow off fireworks or some shit like that. There is also something where you sign autographs during battle mode.

It looks pretty cool and I might buy it as the last Guitar Hero game I ever buy.