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Gunman Clive released on Steam ($1.99)


Amazing game & well worth the price. Loved it on 3DS.

Beril: Any plans to release on Wii U? I recall you had the game running on Wii U last yr.

Right now no; I don't want to be stuck rereleasing the same game for ever. but I have some vague Wii U plans for the future.


Looks fantastic and I might just purchase on Steam in hopes to see it float towards the Vita or even Playstation Mobile.

Thanks Beril!


loved this game on ios, loved it on 3ds, insta buy on steam. One of my favorite graphical styles of any game ive ever played.
Loved this on the 3DS; congrats to beril on yet another launch and hope everyone playing for the first time has as much fun as I did!


Douchebag. Yes, me.
Picked this up.

Fantastic design in this... air control and jumping are extremely tight and feel great.

Plays like an absolute dream using the DS4 on the PC. I imagine it's a nightmare to play a 360 controller with it's broken D-Pad.

An amazing deal at $1.99. Great job.


Thanks. It's certainly been a long road here; It'll be interesting to see if it's worth it
With customizable controls, 1080p resolution, the ability to play it on a big screen and the better sound when output to a good headset I know who it's at least worth for: Everyone buying it *_*

Thanks for this awesome game beril, should it ever find its way to PSN I'll happily triple dip :D


aka IMurRIVAL69
Beril, haven't played the game but i'd like to commend you for not adding the OST and dev commentary, calling it Gunman Clive EX, and selling it for $15. Well done.


Thanks Bertil!


Picked this up a week or so on the 3DS a week or so ago and really enjoyed it. Perfect for some simple and fun bite-sized gaming.
I may not technically double dip, but for two bucks on Steam I can very well see myself gifting this to a few other friends.


The game got a Giant Bomb Quick Look
it's very positive
, that's as good as it can get, for me at least - so congratulations again to beril.

I played the game on the 3DS around the time it came out and liked it a lot.
I'm somewhat disappointed that when you finish off a boss, the screen doesn't pop up with a Wanted - Dead or Alive - Poster with the boss's mugshot and a reward or something. He really missed the boat with that one.
First PM gets a Steam key! And labeled a cheapskate!

EDIT: GONE! Congrats to Acerac, new Gunman Clive owner and cheapskate!


Wow haha didn't know a gaffer made this. I just beat the second boss, very satisfying. I'm really enjoying the gun mechanic where getting hit once removes a powerup. Also the art style is genius.

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