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Half-Minute Hero XBLA Preview, 800MSP, June 29 (Livestream Tomorrow)




Half-Minute Hero was a curious game when it was released on PSP in 2009. The faux-RPG belied a sense of humor and a sense of game un-design that you had to try at least once. Xseed brought over the original PSP game to America, but now, the original publisher of the game in Japan, Marvelous, has taken it upon themselves to transplant Half-Minute Hero to Xbox Live Arcade under the new name Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax. And GamePro was one of the first outlets to get their hands on a pre-release version. We're glad to see it back, and we'll be showing it to you a day after this article, but first, we'll address some questions that will probably come up among those of you intrigued by this new version.

Questions are answered at the link, but the big news is the new graphical style;

The old style is still available though;

Half-Minute Hero is scheduled to release on Xbox Live Arcade June 29 and will be available for 800 Microsoft Points.

Soon! Excited :D Price is pretty good too :)

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I always wanted to try this game out. XBLA is now giving me the chance. tybg.


Ah, so it is the first game.
Will still buy, because it was amazing. And everyone else should too!

Don't really care for the new graphical style; glad the old one is available.


Shit! I forgot about this! And they remade the visuals?! :O!!!!

And include the original visuals too?!
Day one bitches!!! XD


Takao said:
What a weird thing to make 360 "exclusive".

It is super weird. We'll probably see a PSN version in 6 months or so, but yeah. Really odd choice for an XBLA Exclusive title. However, if it reaches a new fanbase through it, I'm all for it. MS better promote this :D


Wow cool for anyone who hasn't played it. It's a really great game with a ton of replayability. Not sure if I personally like the newer style, but I imagine it looks pretty nice on a big TV.


At first I questioned the point of getting this rerelease since I already have the PSP version, but the new art style alone makes it worth getting again in my opinion.


Based on those screens, you gotta go with old style. That art was so good on PSP and it still looks nice here.

New style does have its charm too though, I could see myself switching between them.


jj984jj said:
I wonder if the 62 new quests mentioned will be DLC.

Is there any new game content?

Yes, except we couldn't get a peek at it yet. A menu option for "downloaded content" presumably offers more quests -- perhaps the "62 quests" that were mentioned with the game's Japanese announcement this week. Regardless, the option all but confirms extra content on the way, but our preview copy couldn't access any of it, and we don't know if it will be free or paid.

Sounds like the new stuff will be DLC.


I think the new art style actually looks kind of rad in its own way, but having both to choose from -- and all for only 800 Allards -- is awesome. I bought the digital PSP version and have yet to finish, but otherwise I would totally buy this. It's sort of an RPG-flavored puzzle game more than a fully fleshed-out RPG, but it's wonderful, and I haven't really seen anything else like it.


I guess I'm a pixel whore because I like the old style more. New style looks great though. Brb going to complain in that filter thread.


He's a pretty swell guy in my books anyway.
V_Ben said:
Sounds like the new stuff will be DLC.
They don't seem to know for sure about that though. They said they got their information about the additional quests from the Japanese announcement this week in Famitsu:
Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax is an Xbox Live Arcade version of the similarly named (minus all the fluff at the end) retro-styled PSP RPG. The game will add a new "Neo Cartoon Mode" offering refreshed visuals. Other features include 62 new quests and online multiplayer support. A release is set for June 29, priced 800 Microsoft Points.


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PounchEnvy said:
I guess I'm a pixel whore because I like the old style more. New style looks great though. Brb going to complain in that filter thread.
I find the old style to be very inconsistent. I don't see the charm.


TheShampion said:
I was actually thinking of replaying this game, but with PSN still down now I can play it again on XBLA. Works for me.

Pretty sure the store and the regions that are still down will be back up before June 29.


Lyphen said:
I find the old style to be very inconsistent. I don't see the charm.

This new style does ruin the joke, though.

That said, it's not objectively bad. I don't like Scribblenauts' style, though, and the 2 seems similar. Whatever. People who don't play portables might try it.


Seriously, anyone who hasn't had a chance to play HMH on PSP needs to get this. Such a great, underrated game.

Also I think the new style looks pretty good judging by screenshots but I'm curious to see how it looks in motion.


this thread made me pick up my PSP and launch the game only to realize i have a new dust particle under the screen

gonna replay it anyway

Dr. Chaos

Oh my fucking god..

If that art style comes anywhere near the classic version when I'm playing it, I'm going to strangle it to death with my bare hands.

Keep that shit away from my pixels.

In any case, it's an instant recommendation. Best portable game I've ever played.
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