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Did a search, was surprised to find there's no thread (unless I missed it, apologies if so).

So this is really cool. Ed Fries, late of Microsoft, got the blessing from his old employer to cook up this awesome piece of homebrew - Halo for the Atari 2600. He's at Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this weekend selling a very limited edition of I think about 500 copies, sure to become a collectors item! I have already bagged mine :)

For the rest of you, a Flash emulation of the game is available at:
http://halo2600.com/ (site appears to be tempoarily down)

4K binary downloadable:

Facebook fan page:




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Played the flash demo. Not bad for a simple Atari game. But it gets really hard when you get enemies that start to shoot diagonal and the bullets of theirs moves fast (about 3 or 4 color changes in).

Is there an end to it? Seemed like a corridor after corridor and I died around the second or third key to unlock the next area. Stupid three aliens on the screen with ZOOM ZOOM bullets.
Oh man, I didn't know it was actually made into cartridges! I need to get my hands on one! Would make a great addition to my collection. Shame I'm not anywhere near the expo though :\.
That's awesome, and the game is fun too... simple Atari-style stuff, and pretty well done. It is annoying that enemies can shoot all directions but you can only shoot left and right, but oh well. At least enemies don't respawn after you kill all the enemies in a room, which is great. Nice challenge and fun gameplay too.

Art style sucks, it's just a repeat of the same corridor over and over. ;)
Actually, there are four areas to the game, each with different colors, obstacles, and enemies, so it doesn't all look the same. :) Then you win and gives you the choice to replay the game in Legendary difficulty.

It isn't an endless game like many Atari games were, instead it's short like most Atari games that actually had endings were, but it's fun and has challenge for sure, so that's alright. I tried a few times, haven't gotten through area two yet.


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I really wish I had an Atari 2600 (one that took cartridges, not one of those plug n play deals) that hooked up to a TV without using that coaxial cable.
Why For? said:
So want, but don't want ot have to pay the $1000 on eBay to do so.
Same here.

How much is he selling them for, and is it possible for someone at the expo to pick some up for gaffers if its not stupid expensive?:D