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Halo 4, Halo CE Remastered, Ryse, Voice Search Feature and More All Revealed Early...



Big enough for a new thread I'd say.

NekoFever said:
Screenshot before it gets taken down:


Thanks to nekoFever for image.
Nice. Hope the single player stacks up with the rest of the series as I've pretty much moved onto Call of Duty for my multiplayer FPS fix. Halo has one of the best stories though which is what I like.


you speak so well

:lol Microsoft. Couldn't keep it under wraps (even though we knew it was coming from a mile away) for another two hours?


Yeah Ryse has to be Kingdoms. Stupid, I didn't think it would be a Kinect-only title. I was looking forward to it.
I don't expect a pc release for Halo 4, but it would be pretty sexy if they could release the remaster CE for pc. I mean, they did try to have a substantial pc offering for that game.
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