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Halo 4 |OT2| TURBO



Halo 4
Oh, Halo 3's gonna be free for Gold members.

Perfect time to make better playlists and update its crappy FOV. :3

will they make the maps free? probly not lol


how does that make sense. Hes in armor, yet covered in a cloth robe.

I wonder what the reason is for that?

He also shielded his eyes with his hand even though his he's in a helmet with a visor that automatically compensates for that.
I refuse to be excited about 60 FPS halo I refuse to be excited about 60 FPS halo I refuse to be excited about 60 FPS halo I'M EXCITED ABOUT 60 FPS HALO


The trailer was interesting, but then I'm immediately reminded of loadouts, ordnance, perks, flinch, and an average campaign.
I was really wishing they were going to re-design the way prometheans looked in the next Halo, they look like bionicles or something, though it looks like they're only going further in that direction.
The visuals reminded me of the CG trailer for Halo 3.

I'm sure the price will drop by 2014 when Halo 5 launches. Buying the Xbone when Halo 5 releases.

Wii U tanked and still hasnt seen a drop. You think the price will drop before their flagship shows up? Cmon.

Remember $499 + Live.
His armor is damaged, he is not using an exoesqueleton armor anymore.

In the books Cortana was sort of doing a lot of the heavy lifting navigating the armor like an AI would navigate the systems of a ship. He is obviously on some journey my guess looking for her.

Sort of like the search for spock.
incorrect. He is deliberately masking his appearance. And that is all you're getting.

So he might have hooked up with Halsey and considered a fugitive. He mentions in 4 having Halsey solve the Cortana problem. Would make sense that he would do anything to get her back even if meant working with a now criminal Halsey.

Of course I am totally wrong but the only people he could be hiding from is the UNSC at the end of Halo 4.

Unless Didact shows up and wipes out the UNSC.
That might be cool.


60 fps and dedicated servers are both fantastic for Halo. Let's just hope Halo 5 is actually designed for Halo fans this time.
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