Halo 5: Guardians |OT5| Is HaloGAF irrelevant now?

So anyone know the usual time the update goes live. Going to play as much as I can because my time is going to be divided by 3 games. Overwatch cause my friends are pestering me to get to 25 so I can play competitive. Halo 5 because the update and want to help the company. Then the Gigantic stress test because I love that game and can't wait for the game to finally come out.

Though most likely it's just going to be halo five because my friends will just try to play overwatch and unless I can mess around and have fun I can't stand playing more than one match. Least with halo I have warzone assault to causally play and enjoy myself a little.
I mostly switched to warzone firefight for a bit since it's less stresful to play then warzone and warzone assault. Will still try to play as many arena matches as possble to help with commendations.
Keep in mind most of us are now 20-40+ with limited gaming time. I have been working almost 60+ hours a week the past 9 months and it has affected how much I can play. Halo 5 is also the kind of game that just has not been fun to play in terms of matchmaking, quitters and the way ranking system works means going in solo sucks. After MCC, don't have any in real life friends or family who play Halo much, let alone daily. As we've seen with Karl and others when setting up forge test sessions, Akai and his Warzone weekends, it is very difficult to get people to play even on set times.
Love it when i have a Work at home day and i can queue up the update. :D

5.5Gs lets go.

Wow at the amount of content from the Forge list. This team deserves a BONUS!!!! WOOOOWW!


I guess my windows 10 pc didnt download the anniversary update automatically and im manually doing it now. No wonder Halo forge or the Halo app didnt appear for me.