Halo 5: Spartan Companies Thread

Jan 7, 2014
https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/spartan-companies -> USE THIS TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR SPARTAN

Blue. Noble. Crimson. Osiris. Legendary Spartan teams that have defined a universe. With Spartan Companies in Halo 5: Guardians, you can now create your own group of legendary warriors and forge a new legacy in your Halo experience.
Spartan Companies are designed to unite players under a common banner, and take team play to a whole new level as you rise up the ranks.
Join an active Spartan Company or create your own, and receive a free REQ Pack guaranteed to contain a customization item. Once you’ve got your shiny new piece of Mjolnir, you can customize your Spartan right here on Halo Waypoint.
Make your Spartan Company stand out from the crowd with unique emblems, banners, colors, and more. Recruit up to 100 of your friends and fellow combatants to fill out your ranks and ready your company for battle in the Wargames.
It seems to be the return of a clan like system, fit with admins and "Lieutenants". There's not much more in the link.

added to the list

Thank you for accepting me to team Frankie =)


Welcome to Spartan Companies Video

Here is a list of all the posted companies

List of Companies:

No time Zone
Team Frankie "All glory to Frankie."
HaloGAF At the moment we are currently accepting HaloGAF community members active in thread before it got disbanded.
Sic Semper Tyrannis (Play for fun; Win for respect)
Get Schwifty (You gotta get schwifty in here)
The Insurrection"Down with the UNSC!"
Seventh Column Bungie's long-standing fan club.

Australian and New Zealand
HaloGAF LAAG ANZ Company

NeoGAF (European time GMT)

North America

Central/Pacific Time
NeoGAF B Team ( Central / West Coast USA )
Omega Black Veteran Halo players, age +17
Team Handsome Dad"You're grounded. Permanently."

Eastern Time
NeoGAF E Team
Last True Shooters Eastern time zone gaffers ( and anyone else)
101st Screaming Eagles (East Coast based but open for everyone )
Dec 27, 2013
Awesome! I remember being in a clan on Halo 2 my freshman year of college. Played some games with some guys who were impressed with my skills and they invited me to join the Mother Molesters.
Sep 6, 2012
Manchester, UK
FYI always add this to your request:
Not sure if serious but either way, you can't edit or take back join requests which is odd.

There's tonnes of armour to look at in the customisation thing, some are just the same/similar with a different trim but still impressive amount. I'm gonna get addicted to unlocking stuff I can already tell.
Nov 4, 2004
Might as well throw my hat in the ring. GT is the same as my forum name.

I can see that 100-member limit being an issue sooner or later, though.
Sep 14, 2013
Requested to join in! CassioAug there!

Its just to send a message to the members, right? I could not find a request option.

Edit: Nevermind! Wasn't logged in the main page! Requested now! :)