Halo Infinite Official Multiplayer Reveal


Looks fun but in all honesty I was really not impressed graphically. I suppose they're going for FPS over looks which makes sense I guess.


Man you can really tell this is also made to run on ancient hardware. Here's hoping Halo 6 will deliver the visual goods at least.
It just looks like same old Halo to me. I was a huge fan of the first three but Modern Warfare crushed the series years ago. Since then COD has gotten stale but I'd still probably prefer it to what I see here. A groundbreaking franchise for consoles but it just doesn't have it anymore.
It's what I expected.

Nothing to blow away visually or a overhaul from last year, but impress in multiplayer.

And boy, it did. That grappling hook banshee takeover was the sickest shit for a Halo MP reveal, in years.

Also, if anyone finds that fraud on YouTube who said that the beta would launch right after the show and still calls himself an "iNsIDeR", punch that cunt into the moon and bury him there.
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I have to say I love the worn out look and overall art direction. Not liking some of the gameplay choices and weapons, but I knew they were coming with 343.

F2P though, so I'll surely try it out. It will be good to get an in depth look at multiplayer when it releases.
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