Halo Master Chief Collection: H1-4. H2 full remaster. 1080p60. $59.99 Nov 11 Xbox One

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Apr 25, 2007
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No, they're using the original game engines for each game.

You can play Battle Creek in the Halo CE engine, or Beaver Creek in the Halo 2 engine.

You can play all 100 maps, in the respective engines, with increased resolution and framerate on dedicated servers through one multiplayer menu and matchmaking system.
Sorry, You are correct in this. The point I ment to make was that each game has its original MP. Even Halo CE.


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Jun 8, 2004

I think they should probably rethink the glitches.

Some of the maps also had explotiable elements to them that should probably be corrected.

I like the idea of them being a toggle.. but I have no idea if that is even possible.

Not a dealbreaker for me though.

If my wife asks, she can find me on the 2v2 playlist for the next 5 years.
Oct 14, 2009
So, will there be like a specific multiplayer playlist for each game? All I really care about is Halo 2 (BTB4LIFE) and I don't want to get a random gametype from Halo 3 or 1 mixed in with Halo 2's matchmaking.
Apr 10, 2012
Yep. Every map, including dlc and even a couple from the pc version.
Any maps from Halo 1 PC making the cut? And what about the Banshee in multiplayer? Gephyrophobia?! The rocket hog? The flamethrower? The fuel rod cannon?

Great additions to Halo PC version. The inclusion or exclusion will definitely affect my excitement.
May 2, 2014
Ranking systems though?

I hope they patch the deranking....

Gameplay untouched but will we get ranks?

Also anyone playing halo 4 over halo 2/3 lol!
If Halo 4 is still the only one with online co-op (non-campaign) mutiplayer, then that's the multiplayer game I'm playing. I hate PVP. I'm strictly a horde/firefight player.