Halo Master Chief Collection: H1-4. H2 full remaster. 1080p60. $59.99 Nov 11 Xbox One

I'm really interested to learn more about the show. I doubt it'll be amazing, but Forward onto Dawn was surprisingly good and the potential is there for Nightfall to be just as good, if not better...
If you are going to do an HD remake or up-port, this looks like the way to do it.

I've only played Halo 1 and 2, so this would be of even more interest to me if I ever ended up getting an XB1.
Call me crazy but couldn't they just merge Halo 2 and 3 MP into one, after all 3 just refined what 2 did? I mean CE and 4 have their own fanbases so why fracture the player base?
Halo 2 Anniversary looked really dark for me in the IGN stream and didn't really look like 60fps in the remastered version either. Maybe the video's problem I guess. Really really excited though. $60 is a steal