Halo Master Chief Collection: H1-4. H2 full remaster. 1080p60. $59.99 Nov 11 Xbox One

Oct 17, 2011
This game just sounds too good to be true - but its real. I will be playing this game steady throughout this entire gen easily. With all the map options - everytime you play the game will be a completely different experience. 100 maps?!? Just insane.

I hope other companies take a similar route. I can just picture a Battlefield collection with all the maps from the entire series.


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Mar 15, 2007
Are there any image quality or framerate differences between any of the content? H4 in 1080p/60fps must look godlike. Any captures of it?
Jun 22, 2013
I dont understand how the game gets away from any criticism, easily the worst campaign of all the Bungie games.

It feels like they just spat it out to finish their obligation with MS.
I would definitely say that it was made to finish their obligation with MS, yeah. I don't think they did a "rush" job because of it, but they did use the game to try out several new things, which effectively hurt it since their resources were stretched thin on the project (in part because of when they then signed the Destiny contract with Activision). For instance, Invasion was something that they had been prototyping and trying to do something like ever since Halo 2, and I think made it a point to finally get into Reach. The problem is, between that and Forge World, the game didn't launch with any true, purpose-built BTB maps and the game suffered from it.

I find the campaign a bit uneven and dry in spots, but again, think it was experimental on several fronts and did feature a lot of cool ideas because of it. They had a ton of background elements being rendered in skyboxes during certain missions, the fightercraft segment was surprisingly fun. and they incorporated some new design elements, such as the couple occasions of firefight-like holdouts in campaign and trying to increase immersion by incorporating some of the multiplayer spaces into campaign levels.

Ultimately, I think Reach just needed a bit more development time and Bungie not being contractually prohibited from supporting the game post-launch with anything more than a skeleton crew.
May 20, 2011
It got much better as it went. Had some damn spectacular times in the second half.

But at the very least it was just nice to have some more sandboxy areas to solo or co-op around in. Great practice too for vehicles and loadouts.
Yeah, I am happy it'll return. I just hope it lives up to some of my previous expectations.


There are millions of whiny 5-year olds on Earth, and I AM THEIR KING.
Mar 15, 2007
H3 and in particular H4 look crazy good. H4 has some visual depth that simply wasn't visible in the 360 version.
Thank you Frankie for the answer and for handling the series with so much care. I can't believe I am truly excited about a videogame again. I feel as if I was 16yrs old.
Oct 24, 2013
Okay time to do a full list of halo maps

Halo CE - Xbox - 13
◾Battle Creek
◾Rat Race
◾Hang 'Em High
◾Chill Out
◾Boarding Action
◾Chiron TL-34
◾Blood Gulch

Exclusive Multiplayer maps (PC/Mac) - 6
◾Death Island
◾Danger Canyon
◾Ice Fields

Halo 2 - 25

Ascension |
Beaver Creek |
Burial Mounds |
Coagulation |
Colossus |
Foundation |
Headlong |
Ivory Tower |
Lockout |
Midship |
Waterworks |
Zanzibar |
Backwash |
Containment |
Elongation |
Gemini |
Relic |
Sanctuary |
Terminal |
Turf |
Warlock |
Desolation |
Tombstone |
Uplift |

Halo 3 -24

1 Assembly
2 Avalanche
3 Blackout
4 Citadel
5 Cold Storage
6 Construct
7 Epitaph
8 Foundry
9 Ghost Town
10 Guardian
11 Heretic
12 High Ground
13 Isolation
14 Last Resort
15 Longshore
16 Narrows
17 Orbital
18 Rat's Nest
19 Sandbox
20 Sandtrap
21 Snowbound
22 Standoff
23 The Pit
24 Valhalla

Halo 4 - 19

So that's 87 all together including the halo pc maps

Add the 6 new ones and that still only 93...soooo...we are somehow missing some :)
Sep 1, 2007
60 FPS Ascension was awesome!

Hope Midship and Lockout get the HD treatment.
Lockout will be in for sure. Ascension is confirmed so...

If I had to take a guess for the other 4 maps:

Coagulation (good forge map)
and.. Sanctuary?

Midship is great but it is already remade in Halo 3. Zanzibar also..