Halo Master Chief Collection: H1-4. H2 full remaster. 1080p60. $59.99 Nov 11 Xbox One

You want them to rerelease old games or else you are "done with them." Why?

Also, congrats halo fans.
Because Socom online, during its heyday, was the pinnacle of PS gaming and Sony just abandoned the community after the PS2 which had the best Socoms.
We've been asking for a proper next-gen Socom for years now or an HD version of the old ones. Well Microsoft just did with Halo what every single Socom player wants. GIGANTIC kick in our balls.
Awesome announcement, probably going to get an Xbone this year now just to play Halo 2 Anniversary. Will have some great games this year along with Sunset Overdrive and Below.
Jeff Gerstmann said that when he saw the demo before E3 it was running on a pc with proper mouse support and keyboard prompts... They would'nt do that if the game wasn't coming to PC.
However I'm sure they're counting on this to help sell XB1s, right? Releasing this on PC would pop their balloon.

If they did release this on PC though, I would throw my wallet at them so fast it might kill someone.

I see that it's coming out on 360, or at least Amazon thinks so. I guess Halo 3 and 4 would remain basically unchanged, with 1 and 2 getting upgrades? Something for me to consider since I already have a 360. Since they're not limiting it to XB1, perhaps they really arent relying on it being a system seller...and maybe a PC release really is possible.
Yes- which is great.

Any particular reason why that would be troubling?
Why not?
You place Halo 3+4 disks, then downgrade 2 and use 1's CE Anniversary version.

Would be a nice value pack that could reach a massive userbase.
I just feel like its time to move on, and XB1 exclusivity would really drive adoption. Just feels weird. I'll wait until MS actually says something.

And I guess the huge draw for me is the upgraded visuals, which we won't really be getting on 360.
Sounds good but I'm worried about dividing the player base up between 3 games (possibly 4, did Halo 1 have online MP?). Then divided further into the different playlists. I'm worried that's cutting the community into too many pieces. I'm sure all the playlists will be full on all the games at launch but what about in February after the natural loss of players? I don't want to be waitting 5 minutes to find a match and I don't want to playing against the same few people each time either.


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So is it "remade" as in not just upscaled/upres'd or remade as completely with higher res textures/effects etc.?
Halo CEA 1080p 60fps

Halo 2 Anniversary same treatment as Halo CEA

Halo 3 1080p 60fps

Halo 4 1080 60fps

All multiplayers intact, original engines.
Yes!!! Can't wait to make a custom campaign playlist of all of the "Library" levels from Halo's 1-3.......On legendary ;)

I hope they integrate the impulse triggers, They're not used enough imo.


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Wow ! What a conference by MS... Halo 1-4 remastered in 1080p 60fps... F**K YEAH !!!!!!!!!
The only game being remastered is Halo 2. Halo 1 3 and 4 will simply not have their framerates bogged down because of the hardware anymore, and the assets won't be downsized as much.

A remake is something like RE GC or Conker's Bad Fur Day Xbox, where the entire game is recreated with new sound, graphics, content, everything.

A remaster is an enhanced port, a port with some touched up assets (think Ocarina of Time 3D, which has redone textures and sound, Mario 64 DS, which has touched up models and extra gameplay content, WWHD which has touched up assets and a completely different lighting engine, and FFX/X2 HD, which has touched up assets and some reworked music)
I think Amazon messed up. The 360 version isn't talked about on the official PR.


Halo 5: Guardians” may not be hitting until the fall of 2015, but faithful followers of Microsoft’s flagship first-person shooter can curb their Covenant-crushing appetite this November with “Halo: The Master Chief Collection.” Landing just in time to celebrate “Halo 2’s” 10-year anniversary on November 11 of this year, this fan-pleasing package contains “Halo: Combat Evolved,” “Halo 2,” “Halo 3,” and “Halo 4” on a single disc for $59.99.

More than a mere bundle of previously released games, however, “The Master Chief Collection” is a beast of an offering brimming with more bonuses, enhancements, and extras than you can shake an Energy Sword at. For starters, each title is optimized to take full advantage of the Xbox One’s power and will run at 60 frames-per-second. So, even the series’ most recent releases – “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary” and “Halo 4” – will benefit from the jump to Xbox One, sporting much higher fidelity, better shadowing, reflection, and lighting effects, as well as an overall level of detail that trumps the previous console generation.

While “Halo: Combat Evolved,” “Halo 3,” and “Halo 4” will melt your eyeballs, “Halo 2” raises the bar even further... then chucks it, javelin-style, through the heart of your high expectations. Because the Master Chief’s second outing is celebrating a big anniversary, his handlers are giving it an extra coat of awesome. All of the cinematics have received a retina-searing makeover courtesy of Blur Studios; the crazy-talented team is also applying the movie-making magic to a brand-new prologue and epilogue that sheds some light on the Chief’s forthcoming journey in “Halo 5: Guardians.”

Those who replay “Halo 2” will also be treated to new narrative elements via story-expanding Terminals, much like those found in “Combat Evolved Anniversary.” Also like its predecessor, “Halo 2” will see the addition of game-customizing Skulls, as well as the cool ability to swap between its original visual presentation and the optimized version at the touch of a button. Finally, “Halo 2’s” massive multiplayer following can celebrate the big 10 by diving into six map remakes, built from scratch for the Xbox One.

Speaking of fragging friends online, “The Master Chief Collection” features all the multiplayer content from each of the four games, including all previously released download-only maps. While sorting through this enormous amount of solo and multiplayer content might sound like a daunting task on par with fixing a Warthog flat, 343 Industries has got your back. Thanks to what they’re calling the “Master Menu,” players won’t have to hop from menu to menu when navigating this epic offering. All campaign chapters are unlocked from the get-go, so fans can use this intuitive interface to play any mission, any time, at any skill level. Multiplayer will also benefit from the Master Menu, as a variety of user-friendly, streamlined features – such as maps being broken into gameplay types – are being implemented.

The final game will also leverage this seamless UI to offer curated playlists, such as ones that, say, allow you to play through each of the four games’ final missions consecutively, or let you experience every Warthog mission in one sitting. While the prospect of piloting the Chief’s slick ride for several hours straight is exciting, it’s but just one of the reasons this collection will have you up way past the wee hours.

On top of all the tweaks and enhancements to four of our all-time favorite games, “The Master Chief Collection” also features the debut of “Halo: Nightfall,” an all-new digital series executive produced by legendary director Ridley Scott and directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Heroes”). While details on the project are protected as fiercely as UNSC secrets, we can reveal that the series – airing weekly – will tell the origin story of an all new character that is pivotal to “Halo 5: Guardians.”

While “Nightfall” will offer a tease of what’s to come in “Halo 5: Guardians,” “The Master Chief Collection” will give fans an actual taste of what it’s like to play it with access to the “Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta.” Welcoming fans this December, the “Halo 5: Guardians” Multiplayer Beta offers a taste of the new multiplayer gameplay and features coming next year with the game’s full release.

Whether you’re a new Xbox One owner wondering what the fuss is about, or a seasoned Spartan looking to revisit gaming’s signature sci-fi epic, “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” is a must-have that will keep you locked, loaded, and littering the landscape with Covenant corpses until “Halo 5: Guardians” lands next year.
Biggest news of the presser what the original H2 multiplayer is returning untouched. That was all I wanted, can't wait to get my hands on it and the rest is just a very nice bonus...

Also, did I hear right when they said all multiplayer maps will have dedicated servers?
I'm about to sound like an entitled brat. I accept that, and own it.

I really wish we were getting the full 'Anniversary' redo treatment for Halo 3. Still my favorite Halo.

Obviously day one purchase though!
I just feel like its time to move on, and XB1 exclusivity would really drive adoption. Just feels weird. I'll wait until MS actually says something.

And I guess the huge draw for me is the upgraded visuals, which we won't really be getting on 360.
This will still drive adoption. I had zero interest in XB1 prior to the confirmation of this announcement. I'm now for sure going to buy one before November just to get this collection. As you say- the visuals as well as the framerate will help push people towards XB1 for this. And the Halo 5 beta will be a factor as well.