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Halo |OT 24| In Before the Locke

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Jun 14, 2012
SDCC starts tomorrow and H5 has a panel, right? Question is, if it's going to be recorded?

Doesnt H3 Doubles in MCC have Radar and Equipment? Outside of H3 being a bad Halo game, those are trash settings.
Unfortunately, every game in that playlist has radar. H3 has also equipment (way too many on the maps), that's right.

Ozzy Onya A2Z

Apr 16, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
Speaking of Halo 3 and equipment I was chatting with a mate in game last night about how much I loved objective equipment cheapness. Last Resort 1 bomb was one of the greatest cheap arms ever.

Take the bomb on a stealth run like this:
1. Run wall stairs to bubble shield.
2. Stealth to camp froman.
3. Pick the right time to juggle bubble shield and grav lift towards gate side turret.
4. Deploy grav lift mid juggle and ride it up near turret second story entrance.
5. Back pocket bubble shield and use if caught out heading to arm.
6. If made it arm spot deploy bubble shied and win the round easily with beat downs or contained grenades on the arm spot.

I did this so often it's just muscle memory and timing these days.

EDIT: here's a bonus round on High Ground 1 bomb
1. You and an ally take the bomb on the goose.
2. Forget everything and floor it right in the camo side tunnel (really tight in there and all the way to the flat part next to the tunnel entrance).
3. Bomb carrier gets off the goose and clips through the tunnel wall straight into the end of tunnel room, near the brute shot.
4. Driver can clip too but not as consistently.
5. Easy arm but can be hard to defend, if driver survives it's a much easier quick arm.


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Even before this move, the Halo OT's have spun further and further off topic and become too much of a chatroom to serve their intended purpose. When Halo 5 arrives there will be an OT dedicated to that game, but there is no longer a need for a general purpose Halo thread on GAF given the history of the community. Apt thread title.
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