Halo |OT14| They call it Halo

Beautiful |OT|. Kaneclap.gif

Seeing all the campaign screens reminds me that one thing's been pretty consistent--some epic Halo vistas across all the games. Feels good.
Great title too. Simple. Comprehensive. Multi-layered ;P

Same. Going to get on in a bit. Muck around with callouts on adrift and then take the plunge. Got some lagunitas maximus here for good measure.

If its a bad night, we have Bulletstorm ;P

BTW - What the hell is with Adrift? Red sometimes means red, and sometimes blue is blue unless its yellow and that's blue too. Its schizophrenic. Its also the one level me and my buddy have a hard time with callout wise. I've watched three YouTubes out there and they're all counter-intuitive.
It's funny because this is the exact opposite of Ghaleon. Ghaleon dislikes Halo 4, decides making Halo OTs is no longer for him, and passes the torch to someone more "passionate". Over dislikes Halo 4, gets rid of the game, and accepts the Halo OT torch? Cray cray.
Not going to lie, kinda miss the Kyle OP already. It was fun never knowing what new tidbit would have been canonized in your absence.
So yes, his OP was somewhat, in a meta way, like the still evolving story arc of Halo.