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Halo |OT19| 793 Posts, And None Worth Reading

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Credit for the Waypoint image goes to Deviant Art member: IAmDashing12


Credit for the H2A image goes to Deviant Art member: F1yingPinapp1e





Sub-Zero's 10 minute Halo music remix suite, go on give it a listen.




Complete these two surveys and we'll design an infographic of results then send it to 343i from HaloGAF, with love. There are two pages to the survey and all questions are optional, just fill out as much as you like.

1. First Halo played
2. Favourite Halo Campaign
3. Which campaign style
4. Firefight or SPOPS
5. Preferred control scheme
6. Region you play from
7. Rate CE missions
8. Rate Halo 2 missions
9. Rate Halo 3 missions
10. Rate Halo Wars missions
11. Rate Halo ODST missions
12. Rate Halo Reach missions
13. Rate Halo 4 missions
14. Rate Halo Spartan Assault operations

1. Favourite Halo multiplayer
2. How do you play
3. Social or competitive
4. In game rank Yes / No
5. Type of preferred matchmaking
6. Do you want spectator mode
7. Getting shot mechanics
8. Preferred multiplayer style
9. Which movement speed
10. Which bullet magnestism
11. Which strafe
12. Do you want player toggles for matchmaking
13. Rate Halo gametypes
14. Rate Halo CE maps
15. Rate Halo 2 maps
16. Rate Halo 3 maps
17. Rate Halo ODST maps
18. Rate Halo Reach maps
19. Rate Halo 4 maps
20. Rate Halo 4 Spartan Ops maps


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had no idea i spend that much time on halogaf lol. 343 bring back Halo!

lmao at the achievement section with bugs bunny,love bugs bunny!

Unearthed is in the survey thing twice.

Also, why does Chief have an AR in the H2A thing?

Ah thanks, I'll update the survey (EDIT: It won't let me edit that out...UGH). As for the AR I don't have a clue, it's a deviant art member's work. I just added the XMAS hat and salt :)

I think I see my house from here, yep I'm that ONE bright dot on the lower right of Australia!

Finished the survey. It's kind of funny to think about which Halo maps you like or dislike and then actually seeing what you've rated them. I rated Halo 3's maps a lot lower than Halo 2 or 4.

Same feelings when I did the survey, I was all cautious like I was going to get something serious wrong LOL. Although I'd like to see a final infographic with 1,000's of results boiled down. Perhaps we do HaloGAF first then get other communities involved. I wonder how different communities bias their results.


Finished the survey. It's kind of funny to think about which Halo maps you like or dislike and then actually seeing what you've rated them. I rated Halo 3's maps a lot lower than Halo 2 or 4.
What the fuck I got screwed over.

#SpeedysOT :(

Also, sub-title for this OT is lame, even after I got the joke it's still lame. Maybe if it was a Halo references like "343 posters, and None Worth Listening Too" or something.
Dashing OT.

Let's try to keep this one a little more serious. This is what my Wife wanted to do to me when she found me passed out and wrapped up in xmas lights with an empty bottle of rum still in hand.


First pic looks like my ignore list. Had to view post to even see the OT. This thread is already off to a great start. let's talk about how bad halo is going to be when microsoft makes 343 use the kinect.
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