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Halo |OT9| One Final Effort Is All That Remains


Jun 7, 2004

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IGN/343 Developer Videos

Starting today (10/02), IGN is hosting direct-feed video walkthroughs of every War Games map, with developer commentary, with a new video every Tuesday and Thursday. I'll update the list below as they happen.

Abandon (map) | Flood (gametype)​

News & Updates

10/01 | 343 has released a trailer of the Mantis on Ragnarok, here. Pics here, thanks Der Flatulator

09/30 | And Bobs brings the hype. Impressions here.

09/26 | Holy content, Batman! Waypoint unleashed the flood (not THAT flood): New screenshots | renders | Bulletin | Promethean weapon trailer | Sparkcast

09/24 | Direct feed campaign B-Roll footage. Yeah. Go watch.

09/23 | The OddOne has a nice round up of the post-embargo news, with some details you may have missed.

09/21 | The floodgates are open: embargoes went up today and tons of information and media on Campaign, Spartan Ops and War Games is out. Head to Hypertrooper's thread for the round up.

09/19 | The latest Bulletin is up, with a focus on the Covenant weaponry, including a Covenant weapon trailer. It's awesome. Go. Watch.

09/12 | 343 has put up one mother of a new Bulletin, focused on the Prometheans, along with a 10-minute behind the scenes Campaign video - return of the Forerunners. Great stuff. If you missed it, Part 1 from PAX is here.

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willow ve

Jul 9, 2012
A new thread for more salt/slrp. What are the odds we fill this before launch?
Lucky 13


Jun 7, 2004
From the other OT:

If you click Oaxaca on that site, it describes the place as "rugged terrain (including 3 mountain ranges) that surrounds this area has kept it fairly isolated."

Valhalla has mountain ranges all around it & is in an isolated canyon.


Fallen Xbot (cannot continue gaining levels in this class)
Jun 7, 2004
sandtrap? we'll see. personally, i always had stupid fun on that map so i wouldnt mind.

EDIT: valhalla. ok?