Hannibal S3 |OT| Man Destroys God. Hannibal Eats Man. Hannibal Inherits The Earth.

Can't wait, I convinced my sister to pick up the show despite her aversion to gore and meat. I'm in the middle of a rewatch so I can talk with her about the show as she watches it on her own. It's still surprising how good the show is despite being on NBC.
So I guess Jack and Alana didn't die.

Looking forward to this, not sure if I'll watch it weekly or all episodes in a few days when the Season ends.


One day I realized that sadness is just another word for not enough coffee.
There is no way Abigail is okay. The sole reason for her existence was to fuck with Will one last time and she did her job.
Excellent work on that poster, Feran. Just gorgeous.

Great OT, as usual, Odd.

More people need to watch this show to complete their fucking LIVES!

Over/under on Abigail being alive?

I'm currently running through my Hannibal rewatch. Man. Such a roller coaster. I'm finishing up Season 1 and then gonna blast my mind with Season 2 over the weekend. This show just rocks you, man.

This was definitely my fave OT title.
Nice thread! My hype is through the roof for this new season. I feel like each trailer is better then the previous one. Glad Gillian Anderson is noe a regular too.
My favorite show on TV right now, can't wait for next week.

The funny thing is, I was on vacation in Florence when that first look trailer was first released. The day before, I walked past the cathedral that Bedelia was walking past in the trailer without taking any pictures because I thought it looked ugly. After I watched the trailer, I just had to go back to correct my mistake.
It's not a very good picture by any standard, but I was too excited to keep my hands steady and just wanted something to show I was there. Really interesting coincidence. :)
Can't wait to see Freddie again. Surprised that it seems like every character from the finale is alive, if they're well remains to be seen.

Well except Abigail, I think she's done :[