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Happy 125th Anniversary Nintendo!

Broken Joystick

At least you can talk. Who are you?
Nintendo just turned 125, having formed on September 23, 1889. Here's a thread to discuss our favourite games, consoles and celebrate general Nintendo goodness before sites start posting their clickbait articles of their "Top 10 Nintendo games/consoles/products" etc. First Nintendo console and game? Most hated console/game? Favourite Nintendo employee/developer? DISCUSS!

Favourite console:
And game:

Here's to another 125 years of doom!


As in "Heathcliff"
Happy Birthday, Nintendo. :D

Hopefully you would make to 150th so our children and grandchildren would enjoy your products in the future.


I like Nintendo, first video game thing I got was a Gameboy Pocket, still works today. Game that got me into gaming was Kirby's Dreamland.


125 years and they don't look a day over 25.

But yeah it's amazing how long Nintendo existed even before video game was even a thing.


Happy bday Nintendo!

Might have to go with OP about Gamecube being my favourite system. Played the hell out of the games on it seeing as I was in high school at the time. Such classic memories of the great single-player adventures (Wind Waker, Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4) and the AMAZING multiplayer games (Smash Bros Melee, Double Dash, Mario Tennis, Soul Calibur 2). Absolutely stacked system in terms of multiplayer.

SNES was my first system, and 2DS is my newest system. Recent favourites are Mario 3D Land and Link Between Worlds. Those two games are 10 out of 10's for me, and really reinvigorated my interest in games, period.

There's a certain quality that Nintendo games have, that I have never seen in other developers' work. Hope they keep making classics forever.


Happy doom day to you
Happy doom day to you
Happy doom day dear Nintendo
Happy doom day to you

How doomed are you now?
How doomed are you now?
How doomed are you Nintendo?
How doomed are you now?

Keep on trucking Nintendo, another century of awesome please!
Happy 125th Anniversary Nintendo!

You made the first game I've played and are my favorite game company.

Here's to another 125 years.

You will have presumably shifted into robot development in the effort against the alien invaders.

Broken Joystick

At least you can talk. Who are you?
GameCube was so boss ;__;7

You're damn right. From the controller to the first party games, I don't think the GC will ever not be my favourite console. Melee, Luigi's Mansion, Sunshine, F-Zero, TTYD, Star Wars, Double Dash. All forever great titles.
Consistently churned out great games and have given us the best videogames ever made. We need them in the games industry imo.



Happy Birthday Ninty!

I actually visited Kyoto in August and took a pic of Nintendo's old HQ:

I really want to purchase a pack of Hanafu cards.

Thanks Nintendo for creating some of my favourite games and franchises to date, and making my childhood that ever sweeter.


As said in another post today, Nintendo has completely changed my life for the better. My career is due to them, my site is due to them.

Happy birthday.

Wii U is my favourite console, favourite game is hard to say.

I love Nintendo, but the launch of this brilliant game is one of many reasons why Nintendo at times just doesn't get it. Clearly one of the best games of last gen, yet Nintendo almost doesn't release it at all in the US. After finally listening to their fans outcry,they end up releasing it with limited distribution, and more importantly limited marketing. For whatever reason, Nintendo didn't want to succeed that well in the US.


I really want to purchase a pack of Hanafu cards.

Thanks Nintendo for making creating some of my favourite and franchises games to date, and making my childhood that ever sweeter.

I was able to get a set of the Club Nintendo Hanafuda cards. They are really cool, and very well made.


Pokemon Red was my first Nintendo game, and ever since then I never looked back on PC or any other consoles.

Gamecube was my first home console. Pikmin and Super Smash Bros Melee for days.

My heart
and wallet
are forever yours, Nintendo.


It's so odd seeing so much love for the GC, since it was so looked down upon back then.

My favorite game is Majora's Mask, but I really couldn't just pick one. Too many awesome games, too many awesome controllers and their consoles, here's for another century of doom articles.


I can't pick a favourite Nintendo console, but The Wii is backwards compatible and had a huge selection of games on the virtual console, so if all that counts, I may pick that.

My favourite Nintendo games are:
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Paper Mario
Pokemon Silver
Majora's Mask
Mother 3
Metroid Prime
Animal Crossing: New leaf

Here's to another 125 years! Intergalactic gaming!


first of all congratulations to what is in my opinion the greatest videogame company ever
first console was the original NES that came bundled with Donkey Kong/DK Jr
my most hated Nintendo console is the Wii athought it has great games
favorite console is a tie between SNES and NGC
favorite nintendo game is a tie between ocarina of time/ mario 64 and SSB Melee
worst game is easy Wii Music
favorite dev Shigeru Miyamoto I might not agree with some of his later choices but without him there's no Nintendo period


Favorite console:

which actually is Wii U, Wii and Gamecube combined including NES, SNES, N64, etc. Virtual Console

Favorite game:

Actually impossible to decide, but if I really had to choose one physical game, then I would go with this one. Yeah I'm cheating a second time.

First Nintendo console and actually my first real console ever was a NES. First game was of course Super Mario Bros, but let's forget that one because it was bundled. First actual bought game was Zelda 2 adventure of Link.


Not too qualified to say which console and game is my favourite because I only bought my first Nintendo console in 2006, a Wii on launch day. Since then I've owned a Wii, a 3DS and a Wii U.

Favourite console would be the Wii, motion controlled gaming was a breath of fresh air for me at a time when gaming had started to get a little stale for me. There are two things people that have owned the Wii will always remember: 1) Creating their first Mii and 2) Their first time playing Wii Sports.

Favourite console game would have to be The Wonderful 101. It's number 2 in my best 5 games of all time list, beaten only by Elite for the Speccy. It's going to take something VERY special to beat The Wonderful 101 as my personal best game of this generation, it really is something special.
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