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Happy 2nd Birthday Wii U!


The console released on November 18, 2012.

What are your experiences with the console? Personally I hate the tablet and haven't touched it since Nintendo Land in 2012 (Pro Controller ftw). Although the first year was rough, they're finally turning things around (in terms on games I'd like to play—not sales).


It took me awhile to get round to purchasing the thing, but it's one of my best purchases these past few years. I love off-screen play, I wish everything I own including my fridge had the feature. And you can't really go wrong with first party Nintendo!


I love it, had mine since launch and have enjoyed both the gamepad and the quality of its games. I don't want to be 'that guy' but I just spent a frankly unpleasant amount of money on a new PC rig so the Wii U has now become the perfect companion console.

Can't really talk about my Wii U experience without mentioning the Miiverse, so: it's awesome. Sadly I don't have time to post drawings anymore but I love the artist community (if that's what you want to call it) and am constantly amazed with what people come up with on a 320x120 pixel canvas. Also, Art Academy is great!
Bayonetta came out. Its justified its purchase.

Not interested in much else on the horizon.

And for the love of good give me an option to turn off that shitty menu music. Goddam.
Still pissed I didn't catch the Wal-Mart/Sears price match. Gonna have a hard time blowing out these candles while I'm crying about that still.


Loving my Wii U, got it on launch. It has taken longer for games to start releasing for it than I'd have liked, but they're coming, and they're great.

Only a few more days until Smash!
Been here since launch.

The funny thing is the Wii U is about to experience arguably the best third year of a Nintendo console since the SNES:

If courting from today:
Smash, Captain Toad.

Kirby, Mario Maker, Wooly World, Mario Parry 10, Devil's Third, Splatoon Xenoblade Chronicles X.

If counting 2015 as a whole: Zelda and something else.

Both Star Fox and Fatal Frame could come out/be localized this year too.


I've been busy with the WiiU these two years, picked up Wii stuff when there was nothing else.

Very happy with the system and its games, played it almost everyday. N64 games please, my biggest complaint as a day one buyer.

Oh, yes... gamepad and pro controller are fine. The internet is silly.


Nintendo's Pro Bono PR Firm

The console released on November 18, 2012.

What are your experiences with the console? Personally I hate the tablet and haven't touched it since Nintendo Land in 2012 (Pro Controller ftw). Although the first year was rough, they're finally turning things around (in terms on games I'd like to play—not sales).
With your avatar, try FIFA on the GamePad: ridiculously low latency, regular + useful touchscreen controls, it's my favorite soccer game of all time. Online is smooth as butter and there's always someone to play with. My unexpected, favorite Wii U game.

Otherwise I like this console a lot, though the lack of an arcade racer a la Excite Trucks still prevents it from being my favorite Nintendo console. I keep hope for year 3 :)
Happy birthday to a great system full of exclusives I love playing. The way things are looking so far, Wii U might remain the best system for exclusives for me.


Happy birthday you awesome little console. Sales and doom aside, Wii U is becoming one of my favorite home consoles. It already has a strong line-up of top quality 1st party titles with more to come in the future wich makes things really exciting. Plus, Smash U this friday. It's the little console that could :')
I am very happy with mine. The first-party Nintendo titles have been absolutely stellar, and Bayonetta 2 is my GOTY for this year. The library isn't big, but it is full of quality. I definitely recommend people to buy a Wii U these days. Couldn't say the same around its launch.

So yeah, happy B-day Wii U!


had it for little over a year. seems like it was the right way to go about things. from the get go there were a lot of things that particularly interested me. new super luigi u was a big surprise and given what preceded it, super mario 3d world was another big surprise. i'm so into hyrule warriors right now that i don't feel like starting bayonetta 2 yet (and part of that is knowing i will not be able to go back to hyrule warriors after bayonetta 2 ruins all other action games for me for a while). pikmin, shovel knight, rayman - all good stuff so far. i do wish there was more in the way of third-party games that made the wii so damn interesting, but what's here is fine i guess, if not pretty iterative.

2015 looks like the best year for the system so far. fingers crossed the new zelda is as amazing as twilight princess and that xenoblade chronicles x matches its ambition in terms of quality gameplay. i'm also really looking forward to splatoon and i am interested in seeing the new approach with regards to star fox.

oh and i can't forget nes remix. what a fun little duo that turned out to be.


Been there since day 1. Sure, there have been hiccups such as OS speed for first 6 months, a couple of droughts, third party issues and Nintendo utterly failing at marketing the bloody thing.

Its lineup has been stellar since day one. It has helped me shift my cynical view of gaming after the lineup on the 360/PS3 left me a bit worried about gaming's future. Nintendo have blown it out of the park in terms of software quality, approach to DLC etc.

The GamePad, while not revolutionary, is evolutionary and has streamlined things. It has made going to games without it feel cumbersome. Just having map/inventory on it, while simple and unimaginative, has made gaming so much better for me. People just dismissed it because it didn't change everything. So what? What it does, it does very well. Off TV Play is great, too.

It truly is a gamer's console. Such variety and quality.

It needs things being solved, though. Ability to shift the NNID would be nice and party chat would make the online perfect, but other than that, I have no complaints whatsoever.

Here's to 2015!


Just got it last month. Have a lot of catching up to do. Thankful that Bayonetta 2 exists and I'm getting Smash on Friday.

Seems like a good 2015 coming (hopefully a few more titles get announced), and it definitely has some great games already. I'm very happy with the console :]


Hooray! I don´t regret my purchase, not even in the slightest. May you live long enough to see the new gen. And may you not have a successor until the PS4 and XBO have theirs (hopefully meaning less outdated hardware and thus hopefully more third-party support).


Got in on launch. We've been through some rough times, yes. But whenever a game was launched, I remembered why I'd bought it in the first place. Happy birthday, my baby! I hope you will keep breathing for a little more time, because you've given me some special moments.


Will definitely be buying one once my financial situation improves and I can find a good deal. It's the Gamecube of its generation, and that's not a bad thing.
At the end of 2014 and looking at 2015 I can safely say the Wii U is the best Nintendo console since the SNES
first part wise -> which is what counts, I can play the rest elsewhere.
Great machine, some fantastic games. But overwhelming lack of support overall and the big Nintendo titles are too few and far between.

Need me some next-gen Waverace and F-Zero action.
I remember the first year being pretty fucking rough, as more and more 3rd parties jumped ship and there were hardly any first-party titles.

VC support still kinda sucks, but at least I can play the games on the Gamepad, which by the way I absolutely love.
I have no problems with the Gamepad at all. The screen is super sharp, the games look fantastic on it (downscaling is simply the best form of AA), I even think the shoulder buttons are better than on any other controller, including the Wii U Pro Controller.
The touch screen works exactly how it's supposed to, and seems to be even more accurate than any multi-touch touchscreen I have used.

I bought the console together with the Pro Controller and ZombiU, and with the intent of downloading NSMBU and Assassin's Creed III (which I did). But it came as kind of a surprise for me that of all four games (including Nintendoland) I bought at launch only one game (AC3) actually supported the Pro Controller. NSMBU was patched some months later to support it, but by that time I didn't play the game anymore.

I played all previous AC titles (except for Brotherhood) on either my 360 or Steam, which means I played with the 360 Gamepad, which until then I considered the best controller ever made (especially the silver one with the special D-Pad).
Nowadays both the 360 controller and the Pro Controller are my go-to controllers for anything and everything. Both controllers are almost perfect (the 360 pad still had a spongey d-pad and the Pro controller lacked analog triggers). The Pro Controller has the upper hand though because DAT BATTERY LIFE! I think I had to charge that thing maybe...four times since I have it. FOUR TIMES!! IN TWO YEARS!!! Fuck.

All in all I love my Wii U.
And I can't fucking wait for Smash Bros.!


Bought one a week ago with Bayonetta 2, Nintendoland and Mario Kart 8. Judging by the smile I have on my face whenever I play a game on the Wii U and the fun I have local co-op with friends I reckon I'm having a blast ;) Smash in 2 weeks and some great games in 2015 it's looking good for me personally!
Picked my Wii U up on launch day, and loved it from the moment I turned it on. It may not have solid 3rd party support, but what Nintendo releases on the Wii U is stellar. We have been lucky enough to get amazing renditions of the most beloved Nintendo franchises in its first 2 years, with some great 2015 titles on the horizon as well. There isn't a single game I am more hyped for than The Legend of Zelda Wii U (love the art style).

If a new Metroid Prime eventually drops as well, it really will be the GameCube all over again (for me) - top notch games on an under appreciated / underselling console.


Been on board since I bought it and Monster Hunter 3 U in March of last year. Been happy since, and it's only getting better.

Smash in three more dayyyyyyyysssssssss

Happy B-day indeed!
It's called volume slider.

Doesnt effect the television.

Besides, why should I turn my sound off just so I can navigate my menus? Its ridiculous.

And no, quick start is not an option. I dont want my console updating when it feels like and especially dont appreciate random adverts coming up on my gamepad. They can can piss off with that garbage.


Happy birthday!

It's already my favorite console of this generation. ( maybe it's a bit unfair since I don't have a PS4 nor a Xbone)

I bought it for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


Putting my hand up for launch buyer. Happy Birthday my machine of joy. NSMBU and Mario 3D World co-op... Amazing gamepad use in ZombiU... Absolutely greatest party game Nintendoland... Best couch controls for Black Ops 2... Best console version of Deus Ex: HR... W101... Mario Kart... Bayo1&2... And the best is just over the horizon.

Seriously amped for Smash, Xenoblade X and Splatoon. Bring on more happiness please!

EDIT: And the hours upon hours of streaming video onto Gamepad via the amazing Browser.


Recently bought my console, now i'm waiting for Smash. I'd love to buy Wind Waker, Bayonetta, Pikmin, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart, Mario 3D World, W101, Donkey Kong and a shitton of eshop games. And people said there is nothing to play.


Recently bought my console, now i'm waiting for Smash. I'd love to buy Wind Waker, Bayonetta, Pikmin, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart, Mario 3D World, W101, Donkey Kong and a shitton of eshop games. And people said there is nothing to play.

I don't think people say there's nothing to play. They say it doesn't have third party support.


Absolutely love it with the first party support. I have never bought so many Nintendo titles as I have done with Wii U.

I love local multiplayer in the Mario games and bowling in Wii Sports Club.

Best console of the generation so far but I'm sure PS4 will also catch up.


Congrats, lifeless piece of plastic!

This little box has accumulated an amazing library of exclusive software and (okay I'm being diplomatic here to not ruffle any feathers) "interesting" versions of multiplatform titles. The pace of those releases was a little irritating but if you're jumping into the Wii U pool these days, you can start off with a stack of must plays that will keep you busy for quite some time. The future is looking bright. There is some incredibly exciting stuff lined up for 2015.

See you this time next year, Wii U.



Got it day one and I'm pretty much a Wii U/3DS only gamer for the last few years. Loved it the whole way through. No qualms with the release schedule or quality of the games. Some of the best releases from their respective series are on this system. Don't play many games these days, but when I do my Wii U is awesome. DKCTF is my GOTY, and 3D World was last years. Off TV has allowed me to actually play home releases comfortably for the first time in years.
Got it on day one, and it's been the worst console buy I ever did.

Apart from playing some Rayman Legends (which I could have bought on my PS3 as well), no game or demo I tried ever clicked with me... ( and I was one of these weird people having a great time with the WII back in the day. Zelda TP on launch, Wii Sports, Mario Galaxy, Excite Truck, Zack and Wiki, were all great.)

Currently playing Mario Kart 8, and it feels so same-y. Had much more fun with the courses in MK Wii.

Well, still hoping for Zelda and Xenoblade X.

add: Yeah, happy birthday Wii U. Hope your next birthdays will be happier for me.
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