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Happy Birthday to the 45th President Donald J. Trump


Boss Blue Balls
Feb 3, 2018
Happy Birthday you crazy fucker!

President Trump unveils vision to rebuild our cities

President Trump
spoke to community and faith leaders at Gateway Church in Dallas today, where he presented his vision for advancing the causes of justice and freedom.

Americans are outraged by the horrific killing of George Floyd. The President has directed Attorney General Bill Barr to expedite a federal investigation into the incident. Together, we must ensure that such injustices never happen again in our country.

Unfortunately, extremists want to exploit this tragedy to push a radical agenda that will only lead to more crime, poverty, and suffering. We can’t let that happen, either.

🎬 President Trump: Sadly, some want only to stoke political division

There is no freedom or opportunity without safety. In Chicago, 48 people were shot and 18 were killed on Sunday, May 31—the most violent day in Chicago in 60 years.

Eighteen people. One day. That’s shocking, heartbreaking, and unacceptable. No American child should ever grow up in a community that can’t protect them. Fear and violence should never be part of the daily routine for any American family.

Under President Trump, our cities have made progress. Violent crime and murder rates have fallen. Unfair sentencing rules from the 1994 Clinton crime law were reversed. The United States achieved its lowest black unemployment rate in history.

🎬 President Trump: I will never stop fighting for forgotten Americans

Real progress—racial justice, economic growth, religious freedom, and more—means building on these successes, not tearing them down. Today in Dallas, President Trump unveiled his plan for revitalizing America’s cities and distressed communities. It stands in stark contrast to a far-left vision of no policing, no investment, and no opportunity:

  1. Policing. The President announced that he is finalizing an Executive Order to encourage police departments nationwide to meet the highest standards in the use of force by police officers, including tactics for de-escalation.
  2. Access to capital. In addition to Opportunity Zone tax cuts for underserved communities, the Administration is working to set aside billions in federal loan dollars to assist African-American business owners directly.
  3. Healthcare. President Trump wants to fix disparities in healthcare outcomes for minority communities. That means improving access to high-quality telemedicine, increasing the use of mobile care and testing, reforming public health data practices, and addressing chronic conditions for at-risk populations.
  4. Education choice. A child’s zip code should not limit his or her future. President Trump is calling on Congress to enact school choice immediately, finally giving African-American children real access to high-quality education.

Government works best not when it dictates from above, but when it liberates from below. President Trump’s agenda will lift the forgotten men and women of our country by making every single American community a safe, prosperous place to call home.

🎬 Secretary Ben Carson: We the people are not each other’s enemies

MORE: President Trump explains upcoming Executive Order on policing


Mar 14, 2018
He's a fucking boss. Like him or hate him, he still owns the discussion in this country. And you have to admire a man whose mere presence can make liberals shriek at the sky before knitting vaginas to wear around on their heads.
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Feb 21, 2018
Watch the whole video, it was great. I made a thread about it. Trump with REAL black leaders talking sense. Yet somehow he is the racist and divider. I have time stamped my favorite part but watch the whole thing. Listen to the difference between this and the other side.

Look at the standing ovations by a white crowd for these black men. But all we hear is racist racist racist



Jun 15, 2015
President is gonna get a birthday blowjob from Melania tonight, meanwhile NOLA_Gaffer NOLA_Gaffer will have to settle with another tearful night shrieking about the big bad orange man 😂

I hate to break it to you but I don't think those two even sleep in the same area of the white house together.

And why you would want to even contemplate anything remotely sexual about that dude is baffling. It's bad enough that we had to hear about the details of his penis from Stormy Daniels. Blech.
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