Happy Halloween! What Scary/Horror Games Are You Playing For The Month of October?

BotW. I don't really do any of the holidays that aren't obligatory so I only have to worry about Xmas lol. I've not spotted any themed release that would line up well this year anyway tbh.


Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.
I have Resident Evil HD and SOMA in my backlog so one of those I guess.
And Narcosis supports VR.
...Its supposedly a 'walking simulator' ..but as a wuss, I don't think I could muster too much more than that in VR, anyway. Sounds like a great pick. Thanks!
Yea it's neat. But uh, I wouldn't really call it a "walking simulator" It has
fail-states, creatures and the ability to jump

Oh also I played Snatcher for the first time this month. I'd consider that game to have big horror vibes throughout. It's also an incredible game.
GAF darling Resident Evil 4.

I never played that game past the village part.
I'm currently just after the part in the castle where
you play Ashley for the first time (where you have to escape the knights).
I got to finish Until Dawn, nice little game there, I liked it.

Now I'm with Bioshock. if I get time I want to finish Bioshock Infinite too.

such amazing games
So I remembered that I have Dead Space 1 & 2 on origin, and decided to download the first one to give it a whirl. So um, I am already getting turned off by this game, cause what the hell at the kb/m controls, and that it is setup so in order to to turn where the camera is pointing, I need to stop moving? Is DS2 like this also?

Edit: Guess I am keeping vsync on, cause now I can control more properly now.
I have the DLCs for Little Nightmares, Re7 and TEE all lined up.

I was going to go for TEW2 but I'm waiting and using that as a 'release game for the X1X
Evil Within 2, Alan Wake (bought again for 360), Evil Within 1, Outlast, and Dead Rising 4.

I got a few indie bundles but the only game worth anything it seems like is Dead Effect 2.
I tried to play The Evil Within years ago when it came out, but I just couldn't do it. Something about it scared me shitless. Now on the other hand something must have happened because I totally dig it. I'm apparently no longer as afraid of scary games as I used to be. The aesthetic and atmosphere is awesome, and graphically it still holds up really well. Thus far I'm well into chapter 5, and my hopes are to finish it within next weekend.

I am also gonna try Costume Quest 2. The first one had a great halloween mood.
Starting a new character in Bloodborne.
Haven't played The Old Hunters DLC yet, maybe should of just used my new game plus character for it cause it'll be awhile til I get there smh

TLOU: Left Behind. One section is great for the Halloween vibes. One of my fav expansions.

REmake. Essential for Halloween!

RE7. Doing a madhouse playthrough on the tv instead of in VR this time around. Man madhouse difficulty is too hard.

I wish I could find my cartridge of "Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon" smh. Sad.