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Happy's Humble Burger Farm | Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC in Q4 2021

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Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is a first person adventure horror cooking game. Discover the dark secrets of the Happy’s Humble franchise by exploring New Elysian City. Coming to all PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch in Q4 2021

  • State of the art restaurant management simulation! Cook food, fill drinks, and serve customers!
  • Upgrade your restaurant to make your job even easier!
  • Chaotic Restaurant Event System - put out fires, take out the trash, get those rats!
  • Engrossing narrative in STORY MODE. Uncover the secrets of the Happy’s Humble Burger Farm franchise, Obscura Biotech, and your very existence.
  • Unlockable ENDLESS MODE that focuses on just the cooking
  • Stalk the streets and storefronts of New Elysian City
  • Earn extra cash doing side-jobs at the restaurant, or visit the Steal ‘n’ Sell and earn credits for things you find on your travels!
  • Uncover audio logs and research pages to piece together the mystery of New Elysian City
  • Discover the history of Happy the Humble Heifer and her Barnyard Buds!
  • Around 2 hours of Talk Radio and 60+ television programs to zone out to, featuring epic cameos !
  • Interactive jukebox with 9 brand new albums recorded exclusively for the game, as well as 5 returning classics such as Landing Gear and Senile Showdown OST!


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Get another look at the horror adventure cooking sim game, Happy's Humble Burger Farm, in this latest creepy trailer.

The alarm goes off. It's a brand new day but... You have no memories, just an incessant thought reminding you to report to Happy's Humble Burger Farm night shift. Grilling burgers, frying nuggies, and baking cookies sound like an easy enough task until creepy things start happening all around. The mascot Barnyard Buds statues moving by themselves, lights turning off out of the blue, and doors that can't seem to keep shut are just the beginning.

Block unsettling occurrences out of mind by fulfilling orders and managing the entire restaurant. Complete the daily duties from the board, get rid of live rats, unclog toilets, put out literal fires, and beware of the demon-like figures trying to mess with your shift. Above all else, stay away from Happy the Humble Heifer-commit enough infractions and the merry cow becomes an evil beast ready to tear you apart.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S via backwards compatibility, and Steam for Windows PC on December 3, 2021. The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022.
Yeah this(Burger Barn on itch), Puppet Combo, Chilla's Art, etc retro horror games are awesome with great atmospheres, but the jump scares kinda cheapen it.


Doesn't look bad at all. Which kinda surprised me as I'm normally pretty antagonistic to indies playing the "PS1 Retro"-style card.

Back then, games looked like that due to hardware limitations (no Z-buffer, no perspective correction on textures, etc.) and we had to work damn hard to try and make things look as good as they did. So for people to "ironically" try and replicate this rubs me up the wrong way. Because there's no skill involved when the purported aesthetic is achieved by just doing things in a sloppy, cheap manner.

Especially because it doesn't accurately represent the real artefacts caused by using such limited hardware . You want to pay homage, fake-up texture warping, sort errors with inconvex objects, and most of all do a really good job faking the blending effect of the CRT displays that were employed back then.


Was a playtester on this, it's pretty fun. The jump scares do kinda ruin the atmosphere over time though.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Get another look at Happy's Humble Burger Farm in this creepy trailer for the adventure cooking sim game, available now on Nintendo Switch. The game is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Fulfill customer orders as the new night shift manager at Happy's Humble Burger Farm. Fire up the grill, cook putrid puke patty burgers, remove rats (alive or dead) from the premises, and maintain the restaurant's top-notch customer service. Fail to fulfill management duties though, and Happy the Humble Heifer will turn horrific.
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