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Jul 7, 2018
Parents are too bone idle and lazy nowadays.

Imagine if your dad was a soyboy cuck obsessed with twitter, Instagram and fuck trump. How bad would your bearing on reality be? Being taught about old men fucking other old men dressed as women, would probably seem pretty normal.
Sad but true.
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Patient MembeR
Apr 18, 2018

It's incredible how braindead these kids are. Who is ever going to hire nitwits like these?
Why else do you think they're pushing all of these HR hires and diversity/sensitivity training officers and other such watchdog roles? They want jobs for their fellow sycophants. It's a way to boil the frog, gradually subverting a given corner of society through brainwashing.

By the way, academics did the same thing during the Vietnam War draft-dodging. "Who will hire all these lawyers, counsellors, and professors?" and lo, we saw an unprecedented expansion of those in the 80s and 90s, who then had significant gov't policy influence in the late 90s to present day.

Schrödinger's cat

Gold Member
Dec 15, 2011
1,000 >> 10,000 >> 15,000

The Black Lives Matter-inspired routine has attracted more than 15,000 complaints to media regulator Ofcom.
Banjo, who is also a BGT judge, said: "Trust me. I'm right in the centre of it. The negativity is the minority...
"We stand by every single decision we made with that performance."
Ofcom is now weighing up whether to launch an investigation into the performance.
Minority views don't matter?
Doesn't take very long for the mask to slip does it?
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Stilton Disco

Aug 22, 2014
jesus christ, stop going to universities nitwits
Other nitwits with rich/connected parents.
I recently came across the term 'midwit', which sums up these kind of people perfectly.

They're just above average intelligence, enough to pass exams, get into university, and understand complicated sounding concepts.

However, they lack the insight to independently question and analyse these concepts to see their flaws, unless told them directly, as would a more highly intelligent individual, while also lacking the down to earth literalism, based on the objective reality they see before them, that an average or lower intelligence person would use.

That complete lack of common sense and critical thinking is where the gullible and easily manipulated dwell, and that's sadly the majority of university students.
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Fantastik Tuna
Mar 18, 2020
That's a Youtube reality couple thing for $$$$'s

I don't know how many of them are out there, I imagine it's quite a few. Just like reality TV couples that hookup on show for the fame.
He's an old child star commercial actor. I'm too young to know him personally, I just think he's a lucky bastard.

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Fantastik Tuna
Mar 18, 2020
The fact that someone else is pulling Biden's strings is very obvious, though. He isn't in any kind of control now and most definitely won't be if the Dems take over the Government.
Agreed. Biden's role is obvious. Hes the face of the party and the yes man who lets Democrats do what they want to do. Whether that's a good or bad thing all depends on your own leanings.
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Sep 4, 2018
sounds like her friend is just as hard working as the standard Era loser

would it surprise you that she charges $250 for her seminars on how to write?

jfc these people are so self-obsessed. you click on a link for her seminar and the first page of the site is just a giant photo of her.
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