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Has a game ever made you feel emotional?


Just got done playing Super Metroid for the millionth time and I still get the feels at the end as when I was a kid. Even though in Metroid 2 you were sent to exterminate all of the Metroids, in the end, you leave one alive and take it back only to be stolen by Ridley and later on it attacks you, yet realizes who you are and lets you live and flies off, and when battling Mother Brain when you're just about to die it comes and temporality paralyzes MB and gives you all of your health back even when MB gets back up and is attacking it after replenishing your health it still tries to attack MB, only to die. You get the hyper beam and destroy the ever loving hell out of MB, (still love the sound effect that MB makes when you hit her with it)) until she dies and her head literally disintegrates. Like while you're using the HB you're just thinking "DIE MOTHER FUCKER, DIE!"

Even though 2D, it is still quite capable of evoking some emotions.


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oh for sure.
Soma ending is incredible as my fav. The Darkness, gears of war 3(yes really)
Tlou2, Death Stranding, The Last Guardian, f7 remake. rdr2. Just few recent examples.

Oh and whole of hl Alyx. I swear my mouth was ajar and I cried in the headset standing on that balcony. It was religious haha.

Some examples:

HEAVY EXTREME Soma spoilers... but omg that game ruined me
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I was upset Aeirith died in FF7 but not emotional. I thought the whole rest of the game you will bring her back, but that never happened and it was disappointing.
TLOU 1 first 15 mins...

Witcher 3 has a few really compelling and emotional quests and a specific ending can be very sad.

Metro Exodus ending section is pretty tense and emotional.

RDR2's epic ending with Arthur and even his horse if you got a max level bond.
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Vanessa Z. Schneider in the Aegis suit from P.N.03​

Both TLOU games.
And in both cases the games didn't leave my mind for weeks.
MGS3 starting with the Boss fight until the end of the game.
MGS4, going back to that certain place, final boss, final few cutscenes.
FFX for that ending.
Rdr2 had a few... mainly because Arthur had that sort of humble personality and you felt everything he was feeling.
The beginning of the last of us and the last episode of the walking dead made me genuinely sad. Also that horse ride near the end of rdr2 got to me aswell.
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TLOU 1 first 15 mins...

Witcher 3 has a few really compelling and emotional quests and a specific ending can be very sad.

Metro Exodus ending section is pretty tense and emotional.

RDR2's epic ending with Arthur and even his horse if you got a max level bond.
Rdr2 should have ended right there. Instead of credits you get boring 10 hours epilogue which ruined the impact of the ending for me at the time


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To the Moon.

But even Endwalker...a few others. Does being pissed off at FromSoftware games count?

Kind of a stupid question honestly. Most games should make you feel SOMETHING.

Mr Hyde

FF7, The Last of Us 1 & 2, Nier, Dark Souls, Silent Hill 2. Countless games have made me emotional. That's what's great with games. All the emotions they evoke. Both good and bad.


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Flower really got me. I might have been in weird place when I played that (might also have been a little drunk), but yeah. Feels.


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The Last Gaurdian
Shadow of the Colossus
The Last of Us
The Last of Us Part 2
Read Dead Redemption 2
Life is Strange
Life is Strange Before the Storm
Life is Strange 2
Life is Strange True Colors
Heavy Rain
Detroit Become Human
Beyond Two Souls


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Of course man, videogames can be brutal sometimes.

Metal Gear Solid series hits right in the feels. Red Dead Redemption, both of them have amazing finales. Several older Assassin's Creed games have very impactful moments. Spec Ops The Line makes you feel terrible at several moments. Elden Ring most recently has a lot of moments of profound sadness.



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I have a weird one. The introduction of Forza Horizon 4 made me emotional for some reason.
Covid lockdown, the "Dream Life", the sense of freedom and happiness, etc...

I don't know, I shed a tear, Fuck off.
All FH intros since 2 made me emotional. It's mainly the welcoming feel.


RDR near the end when Arthur admits to the nun that he's afraid of dying and more than that for wasting his life. Most memorable emotional moment for me. Still crosses my mind when I think of the game. Then the urgency changes for the last quarter of the game or so where he's on a redemption tour, trying to do right by people as the clock runs out. Great, great game.

Would be the main ones for me. Red Dead 1 probably the least out of them but it's been a long time since I played it.

To me the stories these tell are the pinnacle of gaming. Although that's all personal preference depending what your looking for.

Also The Walking Dead Season 1 and Life is Strange season 1 but there is very little "game" involved so I'd put that style in a different category.
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Many games have made me sad or angry, but Bioshock Infinite got me in all sorts of ways. Forlorn is the only word that comes to mind. Something about figuring out you sold your daughter for scraps and have been living a lie, all while the music and themes have this feeling of redemption. It was surreal to me when Elizabeth drowned Booker.
Metro Exodus finale got me close

Telltale Walking Dead first part finale got me close

God of War
when boy kills a human in the beginning, very well acted by both parts and it and got me good

dang there is another game semi recent that I know got me but I can't remember. I'll figure it out and edit.
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Some good mentions. The ending of Final Fantasy X hit me like a ton of bricks.

But I'll just leave another one here with a quote: "Had to be, someone else might have gotten it wrong."
Shadow of the Colossus
Nier Replicant and Automata
The Last of Us
FF7/R and X
Super Mario Odyssey (pure joy/nostalgia)
Souls games (pure rage)


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Metal gear solid 2 - intro;
Metal gear solid 3 - ending;
Halo reach - whole game;
Tlou2 - ending;
Marvel's Spider Man - Peter trying to talk to doc ock at the final battle;
Halo 3 - avery and mirandas' death
Red Dead 2 - the whole game because you know everything is going to falldown;
The Last guardian- the bound between the boy and trico;
FFX - Tidus not getting the girl;
Ori 2 - the ending;
Shadow of the colossus- the truta about wonder's quest;
The darkness - Jack and Jenny's relationship;
Mass effect - knowing that saren been controled by the reapers the whole time;
Wolfenstein the new colossus - bj's childhood scenes;
Fire emblem awakening - lucina's motivation to return;
Zelda a link between worlds- lorule's decadence;
Zelda wind waker - ganon final battle and final monologue/scene;
Resident evil remake - learning about lisa' mutation and suffering;
Zone of the enders 2 - the epic opening;
Kingdom hearts 2 - the beatifull opening english or japanese both are awesome;
Gran turismo 2, 3 and 4 - awesome intro and openings;
Road Rash 3d (3do) - sound Garden intro;
Mario 64 - Ending theme;
Metroid prime - intro main menu theme;
Ninja gaiden black - intro presentation;
Halo 2, 3 and reach - mai menu themes;
Shenmue - fight with hundred thugs;
Shenmue - intro and mai menu theme;
legacy of kain soul reaver - intro;
vampire the masquerade bloodlines - ending theme 'swamped' for a awesome game;
Banjo and kazooie - entire ost;
Killer instinct - main theme
Perfect dark - Intro;
Goldeney 007 - entire ost;
Gears of war - the whole game
Gears of war 2 - the whole game (times 10)
....many more great moments if i go on...
Sorry the long post.


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Ending of Ico was the first game that made me really sad.

Nier games are just concentrated despair.

The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories is a bit traumatizing. The game is about suicide and quite explicit in context and visuals.

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