Has Nintendo Convinced You to Buy a Wii U Yet?

Its getting more tempting.

X is visually stunning with a great scale and is coming off the very solid Xenoblade so I've got more hype for it than most of the system titles. Still need impressions later on to decide if it'll be the game that puts me on board and its still probably a late 2014 game.

Glad to see Yoshi and WW HD but they probably aren't system sellers for me unless WW is an extensive overhaul with a sizable amount of new content (I don't think it will be. I expect some fine tuning but I don't think the new content will be grand enough). Next 3D Zelda is a few years off. Bayonetta 2 is a wait and see (and I still haven't finished the first so I'l probably hold off).

Maybe Retro Studios will pull me in earlier with what they are working on (already in development for some times it seems). Despite not being shown yet I think whatever they are working on will make it to market before what we saw today (except maybe WW HD, actually hoping they are both Fall 2013 games and Nintendo is waiting til E3 to show it off). This would probably be the earliest time they could get me.
Well, considering I crunched my controller and it's completely broken lcd screen, this 95 dollar fix is way more tempting. It's my fault and I shouldn't complain about having to pay, but it still sucks.

I was also going to buy Xenoblade for the Wii but now I can hold off! Woot WooT!

Is it safe to say, the Wii U is starting to feel like an SNES with exclusive JRPG's and what not? I am excited about Nintendos future!
Yes, I believe they have. Xenoblade 2 (or just X for now) has done that for me.

I should clarify. I wasn't planning on buying one before, but now I am. It's just not going to be soon as it's going to still be pretty bad for a while.
Not a chance. I don't care for Nintendo franchises and I can't play my own media easily like on the box or station. Still don't see the value when the big boys are coming to the table soon.
If you consider we already knew there would be another Zelda, another Mario Kart, and another 3D Mario game.

I don't find what was announced impressive at all as a Wii U owner.
I came away very impressed with the direct. You had VC announcement (which we also knew was coming), an open world JRPG, an action game, a 2D platformer, an SRPG crossover of a couple of great franchises, an announcement and teases of a new party game, alongside confirmation that the other games were in the works. I just feel like there was a little something for everyone.

Edit: Oh yeah, and Wind Waker HD. I know some aren't impressed by it but I think it looks great.


Not much different in terms of unknowns. Of course we are getting Smash Bros, Mario and Mario Kart...

Big shock!

Where's the new IP's? What Retro is working on? A new Starfox game...

Then I'll be interested. Until then, I'm waiting for a major price drop and a bigger library.
Waiting and seeing. Basically lost faith entirely in Nintendo to release anything that is interesting to me. Really like the Mario games, but I'm currently not missing them by having sold my Wii and not owning a Wii U... and just seeing that list is not convincing enough to make me go buy one.
bought a wii u @ midnight launch. these announcements have done a lot to keep my confidence in the system up.

X, zelda WW HD, mario 3d + kart, future zelda breaking the from the mold. yarn yoshi. i really want to sink my hands on that damn X game though.
Probably not, mostly because I have no nostalgia for their core titles like Mario, Pikmin, et al.
Their device seems somewhat overpriced given what software is available for it does currently.

I didn't buy a Wii either so I suppose I'm just not their audience.
Monolith's game probably guaranteed that I'll buy it one day. When that day is on the other hand probably won't be anytime soon. Until it drops to at least $199 for the premium pack, I'll wait.
They'll convince me once that Megaten crossover comes out as well as more first party games like a new Zelda.

Hopefully Mistwalker will also release some Wii U games.
I like some of the games I have seen, such as Wonderful 101 and X, what stops me from buying one right now is that I think the Gamepad looks and feels cheap, and has a shitty screen. I feel the system is about $100 overpriced right now.

Besides that, I'd like to remain all-digital, but Nintendo's online infrastructure policies and management prevent me from throwing them a dime until I'm convinced purchases are forever locked to my account, and not my hardware.


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If I didn't already own one (tons of GameStop giftcards burning a hole in my pocket, and barely anything else to use them on), seeing that Xenoblade 2 trailer would have sent me out to the store as soon as I got off work. SMT x Fire Emblem, a new Yoshi, and finally announcing VC plans are just the icing on the cake.
No because buying one now gets me none of what was talked about today. Until these games start hitting, I won't consider it. The issue with that, the new consoles will probably be coming out around the same time the WWHD remake is released.

Nintendo's timing on games right now up until like mid-March has been terrible. Even once they start releasing stuff it'll be a tough sell for Nintendo for me and many others I believe.


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Nope, and I'm buying a new console soon also. Getting a 360 to go with my ps3.
No offense but as far a PS3 and 360 go....they have very similar games.

I have both but there are only a handful exclusives between the 2 to differentiate them.

(Unless you are planning on getting some of the great Xbox Live Arcade games like Ms. Splosion Man and Shadow Complex)


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Most of these games I knew were coming. The price is still too high, the OS looks like a disaster, Nintendo network games being tied to hardware is goofy, etc. . .
I was already convinced, but ND only cemented the fact. I will get a Wii U later on, I´m still unsure when. Seems like good times ahead for the console, in terms of 1st and 2nd party support.
No way. Why invest in a WiiU when the new 360 and PS4 are around the corner? I'm sure an amazing iteration of Mario U and Zelda U are in the works, but I can wait for both when WiiU is dirt cheap like the Wii.
xenoblade II.

that is all.
I'll be more a bit more content once we know it's Xenoblade II - the campaign focused RPG with a dash of co-op and not Xenohunter - the co-op focused ORPG.

When it comes to shit that seems too good to be true, to which I would include getting a high budget reiteration of Xenoblade in an incredibly quick turn around on new hardware, I remain steadfast in my skepticism.
I'm in the same boat as you OP.

Yesterday: Pshh the Wii-U is not worth my $300

Today: I'll buy 2 of em
This doesn't make much sense to me, personally.

Fire Emblem games, Yoshi games, Mario games, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Zelda games, remakes. That is all the kinds of stuff we knew was going to hit a Nintendo console eventually. Nintendo always delivers with their first party stable.

Nintendo just doesn't like announcing stuff they're making unless it's close to release. The Wii U is no better or worse today than it was yesterday.

Do people really take Nintendo when they are silent as "shit we have no games planned for this console"?
Not really, I mean who didn't already think that 3D Mario, Zelda, and Mario Kart were coming? They didn't show any of these games and didn't announce when they would be released so not much has changed.


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Do people really take Nintendo when they are silent as "shit we have no games planned for this console"?
I mean... wasn't that last year's E3? And they really didn't have any games planned for the WiiU launch.

But more than that, it's important to see that Nintendo's projects are actually interesting. They aren't putting Monolithsoft to work on some stupid shit for your sister, they're making like... the coolest fucking thing possible. We see that their priorities are finally in the right place (for us.) That counts for a lot.
I already have one, but at least the direct redeemed the purchase completely.

Very exited about the Shin Megami x Fire Emblem game. And looking forward to the Wind Waker Remake.
For the current price with the currently available games? Nope, not at all.

Once the new suite of games recently shown off hit? Yeah, Im in. It will probably be another year before I start seriously making efforts to buy one, but between Zelda and 'X' I need one.
No. Xbox 360 level graphics are practically offensive at this point. I turned on Assassin's Creed 2 the other day. It's hideous, like something running on an overclocked PS2. Nintendo and I have parted ways. About the only thing they could entice me with would be a new Metroid by Retro, and even that would be a hard sell because of how crummy it would look.